Seining of Carp record

In 1998 the LVA Board of Directors determined that the LVA could take action to improve the water quality by seining carp.  A strong effort was to follow.

Carp seining is an effective way to improve water quality.

Some Lake Associations and other lake groups with their own available funds hire and pay carp seiners to improve their lake. 

In May 2009 a letter was sent by the LVA Board to the DNR requesting more walleye stocking.  More walleye’s were stocked in the summer of 2009.  Also requested was more carp seining and to open the opportunity to sein Volney to more carp seiners.   Seining was done by a new carp seiner in July and November 2009 at no cost to the LVA.  

Some history of the carp problem:

How Carp got to Minnesota: Carp were brought into Minnesota early in the 1900’s.  Thought to be good for Minnesota proved to the the opposite.  Carp are very bad for lakes.  The DNR did carp seining in the 60’s and 70’s, gave up on seining due to cost and overwhelming amount of carp. 

Carp seiners will sein a lake if they think there are a lot of rough fish and get paid for the carp, and big mouth buffalo.  They are not required to sein and they do it only if they choose to and believe they can get a lot of carp and big mouth buffalo.  If  lake is difficult to sein or has zebra mussels they likely will not sein.  It is a lot of work and take a 4-6 all day crew in open water.  They can also sein through the ice in the winter if they can find the carp.  Carp sometimes school in the winter and can cause thin ice.  Look out for this.  The carp seiners get paid for the carp and more for the big mouth buffalo from a fish market.  All of the members of LVA wanted carp seining to improve the lake.  The LVA decided to go after carp seining in a very determined mission.  A carp seiner in Waterville has rights to the Lake Volney Area.

The Lake Volney Association received grants and member donations for carp seining.  The board and members requested and also approved carp seining which does improve water quality.  This is a way to improve the lake water quality and it has helped improve the water.  The secci disk readings for dept of water clarity is much better than any other lakes in the area partly due to carp seinings.  Many residents wanted carp seining and lake improvement asap.  Below is the years that seining was done, amount of carp, and cost to LVA.

year       cost to LVA   amount of rough fish removed

2001       $3,500.00     50,000 pounds

2002       $1,000.00     20,000 pounds

2003       $1,000.00     10,000 pounds

2004       none,            carp seiner declined

2005       none               “

2006       none               “

2007       none               “

2008       $1,000.00       5,000 pounds (on the second day the net tore on an underwater object and a good number of carp escaped.) 10/08

2009 July no charge      10,000 pounds (new carp seiner)

2009 November no charge 40,000 pounds carp removed. (carp seiner from waterville) 

Something you should know:     Why the Lake Volney Association members wanted intense carp seining:  In 1997 one of the proposed solutions by the Hydrologist Dave Schuler  for improving the water quality was Lake Restoration.  This is poisening of the lake by the DNR at their cost of $80,000.00.    LVA members did not want lake restoration.  This could have killed all the game fish and not the carp.  Seining was chosen as a perfered alternative.