TMDL Clean Water Partnership Project 1995-2008

Link to Lake Volney TMDL (total maximum daily load study)

from page 4 of TMDL study:

This lake has been the subject of many investigations. The first known comprehensive study of water quality on Lake Volney occurred through MPCA’s Lake Assessment Program in 1986. The study results found average total phosphorus concentrations of 160 μg/L and also estimated that 90% of the phosphorus entering the lake was being retained. A Clean Water Partnership Diagnostic and Feasibility study followed by a successful implementation project was also completed on Lake Volney that spanned the period of 1995-2008. Summer mean total phosphorus concentrations improved from an average of 170 micrograms/liter (μg/L) in 1995 to 105 μg/L in 2002 to 87 μg/L in 2005 in response to several implementation activities within the watershed.