Web page instructions.


lva web page log on

copy log on link

paste in browser


dashboard, on left put cursor over action. 4th and 8th one are used most.

you can edit, create, or delete pages,

after done with the page, scroll down and click on update.

on left pages, 4th one down from top,  page or all pages, edit,

or add new  page

create page, click on publish, update

scroll down and click on update when changes made.


go to appearance 8th down on left, then menu

click on new page,

click on ADD TO MENU AND SAVE (this adds the page)


photos:  add media, 3rd on left, add picture,  update

to delete photo, backspace over photo.

Appearance, new page, and add to menu + save are important.

Sometimes it appear the website has not changed, go to internet tools and click on compatibility settings.

Media:  this means photos or add photos, photos add media, update, to delete, backspace over photo.

order of pages: go to all pages, use cursor to re arrange order of pages.

to remove page or to not publish go to all pages, bulk action edit move to trash or delete.

when done log out.