Aerial Photos After 2010 flood

These photos were taken by Scott Fanning,  and shows the new sediment bars, and channel changes after the recent floods. Thanks, Scott, for sharing these photos with us.


Cedar Beach North Peninsula

This photo shows the area South of the County Highwary 12 Bridge, and the northern part of the Cedar Beach area.  Note the sand deposits that close off the County boat launch ramp, just South of the bridge on the right (East) shore.  The lighter color areas are new sand deposits, with darker colors being fine silt.



The picture above shows the “Silt Island” that has been accumulating in the Cedar Beach area.



The Blakely Bay area, and Fisherman’s Inn Bay, looking West.  Note the new bar extending into Fish Bay.  The white ‘drifts’  are sand and dried silt.


Another picture of Fisherman’s Inn Bay, this time looking towards the East.   At normal lake levels, where the newly established bar is located, water depth will be around 2 feet, and may represent a navigational hazard new to this area.


Rattlesnake Ridge and Hidden Cove

This photo is of Rattlesnake Ridge, with Hidden Cove at the upper part of the picture.  Note the exposed area at the edge of the treeline shadows.


Ruschs Bay

This picture is looking East over Rusch’s Bay, with Postier Point in the upper part of the photo.


Silt accumulation in Postier Point

This picture illustrates new silt deposits in the Postier Point area.