Lake Zumbro Facts

Lake Zumbro Facts

* Located 12 miles north of Rochester, MN

* Northern portion is in Wabasha County, Southern in Olmsted County

* Impounded South and Middle Forks of the Zumbro River

* Approximately 5 miles of navigable length

* The maximum depth is 42 feet, near the power dam

* There are approximately 600 acres of water surface

* Water levels can fluctuate up to 6 feet over the course of a year

* Over 300 year around homes with deeded lakeshore or lakeshore access

* 2 public and several private boat launching ramps

* Fish species found in the lake include:

o Northern Pike

o Large & Small Mouth Bass

o White Bass

o Blue Gills

o Crappies

o Carp

* Bird species found near the lake include:

o Great Blue Heron

o Kingfisher

o Bald Eagle

o Mallard

o Turkey Vulture

* Mammals found near the lake include:

o Muskrat

o Raccoon

o White Tailed Deer

o Beaver

o Fox

* The lake has a population of Zebra Mussels since 2001

* 3 restaurants are on or near the lake:

o  Ponderosa

o Fisherman’s Inn

o Uncle John’s Bar & Grill

* Olmsted County Sheriff operates a water patrol boat in the summer

* The Rochester Public Utilities Hydroelectric Dam generates approx $600,000 worth of electricity yearly

* Area activities include:

o The Rochester Water Ski Club (SkiDox) presents a free show each Wednesday, Memorial Day through Labor day

o A Bass Master Fishing Tournament is held each Tuesday in the summer

o Numerous ice fishing shanties are found during the winter months

o Woodland Camp is a non-denominational church camp that holds weekly programs in the summer

o Recreational boating and fishing

o Zumbro Valley Snowmobile Club

o 3 public or private campgrounds with over 300 sites

o King’s Marina, with boat and pontoon rental

o Golf outings (East vs West shore residents)

o Handicap public fishing area

o Annual Senior Citizen Day on the lake

Annotated Aerial Photo

Depth Contour Map

Restoration Considerations

Lake Improvement District Map

Dredging Project Preliminary Report

(The dredge outlines and plans in the above link are preliminary
and likely will not be the final plans submitted for the permit process,
until final funding levels are established.)