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LZIA Mission Statement:

The Lake Zumbro Improvement Association is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the beauty, environmental character and recreational quality of Lake Zumbro for those now living around it, those using it, and for the generations to come.

To maintain and preserve the health and beauty of Lake Zumbro and its tributaries

Key issues of the association:

* Quality of the water

* Flood and erosion control and the associated siltation

* Public dumping directly into the waterways or floodplains

* Improvements by commercial, civic, or private groups that may be inconsistent with LZIA objectives

* Maintained level of the lake relative to season, energy needs, and impact on residents and lake users

* Safe use of watercraft

* Condition, safety, maintenance, operation and improvement of the dam

* Improvement of the lake as a fish and wildlife area

* Quality and adequacy of such services as fire and police protection

* Government legislation that is in support of or that has a negative impact against the LZIA objectives

  The Rochester Water Ski Club performs on Lake Zumbro

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