2010 Fall

 President’s Fall Newsletter to Members—2010


Dear Loon Lake Association Member


 (Note:  This letter will serve as the minutes from the June 2010 Annual Meeting and as an update of summer events.)  The meeting was well attended, and for the first time, we had a PA system.  Paul Larson has taken over as Treasurer, and the Association balance as of Sept. 18 was $6049.13.  Myron Gunderson’s term on the Board of Directors expired and Bill Omdalen was elected.  Myron will continue to run our website with minnesotawaters.  Thank you, Myron, and welcome, Bill!


N New members:  We have a number of new members, including Steve & Shelly Connelly on Loon Lookout, Ardell & Kris De Berg on Co.Hwy 4, Bill & Joyce Esser on Big Owl Trail, Dale & Diane Garwood on LE Road, Todd & Brenda Johnson on Hat 6, and Noah Spiekerman on LE Road.  We’re glad to have you aboard!


P Program:  Walleye Stocking.  In 2008, the DNR conducted a fish survey on Loon Lake and, as we all have known, we have an abundance of small northerns and few walleyes.  The two trap methods used resulted in a total of 171 northern and 29 walleyes.  However, the walleyes we do have are larger (mean weight of walleyes was 3.16 and 5.89 pounds vs 1.45 and 1.30 for northerns).


Cause and Effect:

  •  The survey also found NO yellow perch in the lake.These are a favorite food for walleyes and northerns; they also eat sunfish eggs and small sunnies, resulting in fewer, but bigger, sunnies.
  • Big pike (24+ inches) will control little pike, causing the yellow perch to rebound for walleye
  • Without stocking, Loon Lake will be panfish and bass (and, of course, pike)


AArlin Schalekamp, Director of the DNR Fisheries for Otter Tail County, said that the DNR is in serious discussion  regarding the Loon Lake situation. Basically, there are three choices.


1.      Do Nothing.  Stop stocking and let the lake return to its natural Bass/ Panfish status.


2.      Continue Stocking as usual.  The association and the DNR would stock on alternate years.  In 2007 (the last time the LLA stocked) we put in 1000 5-8” fingerlings for $1000 (we took in $855 in donations).  In 2009, the DNR stocked “large fingerlings.”  Because of the survey, no one stocked in 2010.  The DNR will stock in 2011.  If we choose to stock in 2012 it will be expensive.  The current price for 6-8” is $1.25 @.  Eight to 10” (if we can even get them) are $2.75@.


3.      Top-Down Predation.  This is the official term for “Introduce muskies to the lake.” The earliest this could be done is 2012-2014 and it would take 10-20 years to have a significant effect.


The discussion which followed was lively, with many ideas.  For example, can we stock yellow perch instead of walleye?  The muskie idea was coolly received, and a number of people thought a return to a natural lake was preferable.  When I met with Arlin before the meeting, he said, “What does Loon Lake want?”  So—What does Loon Lake want?  He wants individuals to contact him with their thoughts.  His e-mail account is arlin.schalekamp@state.mn.us.  His phone number is (218) 739-7576  ext. 223.  So please talk this over with your family and lake neighbors and tell Arlin what you want.



  • E-mail vs snail mail:  Of the 57 members who requested e-mail communications, 32  (56%) did not reply to the spring letter and membership form and needed to be re-contacted.  Of the 37 requesting snail mail, only 3 did not respond.  Apparently there’s something about having a physical reminder of the meeting, etc.  So I’m sending this by snail mail.


  • Worm spraying: We are using a different sprayer next year.  Many folks have already signed up, so if you want to be sprayed, please let me know.  My e-mail address, etc are at the end  of this letter.


  • New directory: We will be putting out a new directory soon.  Those on the lake will receive theirs from their Beach Captains; the rest will be mailed.  Also, Otter Tail County is producing a new OTC Shoreland Guide to Lake Stewardship.  These should be ready for distribution at the Annual Meeting next June.



  • Directors’ Terms:  This is important!  In June, five board members’ first three-year terms expire (Jim Zelm, Steve Eichmiller, Carol Gilbert, Paul Larson, and Rick Nelson).  They can be re-elected for a second 3-year term, if they wish to run again.  I, however, end my second 3-year term and am not eligible for re-election.  I will continue to be on the Board for a time to “break a new president in,” but that time is somewhat limited.  Therefore, we will definitely need to replace me, and any other board members who may choose not to run.  If you are interested in becoming involved in the Loon Lake Association, let me or any Board member know.  We’d appreciate it!


For information on the Loon Lake Association, go to www.minnesotawaters.org.  Scroll down the counties and lakes until we show up.  Information is available on our water quality, meeting minutes, etc.  We are NOT listing members names and specific addresses. 


To contact me, my websites are smgronhovd@gomoorhead.com and sandragronhovd@yahoo.com.  My home phone number in Moorhead is (218) 233-6393 —lake is (218)342-2291.  Home address is 1117 S. 4th St., Moorhead, MN 56560.


Keep in touch, and have a good year!


Sandy Gronhovd, President