President’s Fall Newsletter to Members – 2013


(Note: This letter wil serve as the minutes from the June 2013 annual meeting and as an update of summer and fall events.) Bill Esser and sandy Gronhovd were elected to replace retiring board members Steve Eichmiller and Jim Zelm. the board thanks these retiring member for their commitment and service over the past years.



PERSONAL WILLS AND TRUSTS: Charles Seuntjens of the Pemberton law firm gave a half-hour presentation on will and trusts and how they can be affected by Minnesota law. The presentation was well received by those in attendance. The Pemberton law firm is located in Detroit Lakes and can be contacted for further information at 218-847-4858.


HIGH WATER ISSUE: Paul Bruhn gave an update at the meeting that a new, larger culvert has been installed at Freedom Flyer road. Since that time a study by the DNR was completed on the Loon, Sybil and Long Lakes’ watershed and they recommended that a larger culvert should be installed on Sybil Lake Road without the need for a gate valve as previously stated. The DNR has recommended that this culvert be installed after the culvert at the exit of Long Lake has been replaced. This is planned for the spring/early summer of 2014. The Hobart township board recommednded this at their October meeting and approved it at the November meeting. The Loon Lake Association (LLA) board would like to thank Paul Bruhn and Neil Strawhorn for all their time and effort over the last 2 1/2 years to get this accomplished.

ZEBRA MUSSEL ISSUE: The Zebra mussel issue was discussed at the meeting reminding members to abide by the regulations set forth by the DNR regarding bringing any boat, pontoon, water vehicles, boat lifts, docks, or rafts that have been in another lake.

WORM SPRAYING ISSUE: Each beach captain shall determine which residents on their beach wish to have their property sprayed. The property owner must have an accurate estimate of their lot size. The price per acre has not been established for 2014. I will inform the beach captains when we receive the rate for 2014. The beach captains will collect the money for their beach. The deadline to inform your beach captains that you want your property sprayed is June 1, 2014.

WALLEYE STOCKING ISSUE: The DNR stocked our lake with walleye this fall. The DNR also took a survey of the Loon Lake fish population this past summer. A DNR spokesman has agreed to give a presentation on these two subjects at our annual meeting in June 2014. The LLA has set up a walleye stocking fund in order to stock in the years that the DNR doesn’t stock (every other year). The LLA will match contributions from any resident or resort on Loon Lake.

BEAVER ISSUE: Beavers have been restricting the flow of water through our exit culvert to Sybil Lake during late summer and fall. Sybil Lake has had a similar problem on their outlet and have hired a trapper to reduce the problem. The LLA will contact the same trapper to help with our problem. Thanks to Neil Strawhorn and others who have helped to clear the blockages this fall.

LLA WEB SITE: The LLA web site is being updated by Dave Goeddertz and anyone who has pictures or other informatio to put on the site should send him the information at


To contact me my home phone is 218-342-3136; my cell phone is 701-306-3298; my email address is

Keep in touch and have a great year.

Bill Omdalen, President