2018 Fall/Winter

Loon Lake Association

Fall/Winter 2018


I want to thank all who joined our Association this year and especially to all who attended our annual meeting. We have several projects that our members have asked the board to address. 


Our first project was to stock Loon Lake with walleye. We receive $2,287 in donations over the past 2 years. With the Association’s commitment, we spent $3,800 to purchase 2,800 five to seven-inch walleyes. With some smaller fish mixed in with this order, instead of separating, we were given the entire load which was approx. 3,150 fish. This was done on October 24 and equally put in at Loon Lake Resort, Haven Hills Resort and a location on far end of West Loon. 

Our next project was to investigate a no wake zone between Middle Loon and West Loon. DNR states it is the Sherriff’s Dept issue and Sheriff’s water patrol states they are enforcement only. I was referred to Boat and Water Safety in St. Paul and was informed that they are not the governing body that places them or maintains and places buoys. We need to put in the request to the local township board. We will need a traffic count, drawings/pictures of area and reasons for request. If they approve, it moves to county and eventually to St. Paul for approval. We need further discussion at our next annual meeting on how to proceed.

The rocky ridge separating the bay with public access and the main body of water was our next task. I have set up an account with MNDNR Permitting and Reporting System and have applied for a permit to remove rocks and/or deepen that area. The permit is on hold pending additional information. Their requests require hiring an engineering firm detailing exact request, traffic counts, environmental impact study and several other reports. Again, we will need to discuss this further and I hope to have more information for our next annual meeting.

Another change we need to be aware of is the new regulation for Used Docks and Lifts. Any movement from one lake to another now requires a permit from the County prior to moving. This is an effort to ensure proper cleaning or wait period is followed to prevent transporting invasive species.

And last, I need to update all on the zebra mussel issue. A single zebra mussel, 3 cm in size, was located by an individual and reported to DNR. The DNR staff searched 6 locations and looked at nearly 500 objects, however, they were not able to find any additional zebra mussels. Loon is downstream from already infested water which is why the decision was made to designate based on the sole finding from the individual. 

At this point, everybody should monitor their equipment for zebra mussels when it is removed for the season and report any findings. The DNR may do additional inspections while docks and lifts are out of the water. 

If you have any questions on our board’s activity, please feel free to contact us. I would like to remind everyone of our Annual Loon Lake Association membership meeting. It will be Saturday, June 8th starting at 9:00am. 

Have a safe and Merry Christmas!

Thanks, Myron Gunderson

Myron Gunderson, President

Loon Lake Association