2012 Minutes

Loon Lake Association Annual Meeting

Vergas Event Center

June 2012


Dave Goeddertz and Tom Heng were elected to replace retiring board members Neil Strawhorn and Carol Gilbert. Also, past president Sandy Gronhovd retired from the board. The board thanks these members for their work and effort over the past years. Special thanks to Sandy for all the help to me as the new president.


Program: Clean Water, Land and Legacy Fund.

Sandy Gronhovd presented information on this fund which is designed to reduce storm water runoff and retain water on the land, to reduce the movement of sediment, nutrients and pollutants into our lakes. This fund will repay landowners up to 75% of the cost of labor and the plantings necessary to reduce this runoff. The procedures to apply for this funding was explained and forms can be obtained by contacting the president or one of the board members.



HIGH WATER ISSUE: Neil Strawhorn and Paul Bruhn discussed the issue of restricted flow from Loon and Sybil lakes into Long Lake which then goes into the Ottertail River. The main restriction of this natural flow is caused by undersized culverts on both Sybil Lake Road and on Freedom Flyer Road which are both Hobart township roads. Neil, Paul and other board members have attended several of the Hobart township monthly board meetings to encourage the board to replace these culverts with ones that have adequate flow rates to allow the natural flowage. The latest update on this issue is that the culvert on Freedom Flyer Road will be replaced starting 9/25/12 according to the latest township board meeting, but no mention of the culvert on Sybil Lake Road. The township board also stated that a study performed by Moore Engineering stated that Long Lake would have to install an additional culvert on Sybil Lake Road. The board will continue to monitor this situation and encourage Hobart township to install the required culverts to provide adequate flow of water.


ZEBRA MUSSEL ISSUE: The zebra mussel issue was discussed at the meeting reminding members to abide by the regulations set forth by the DNR regarding bringing any boat, pontoon, water vehicles, boat lifts, docks or rafts that have been in another lake. The DNR spot checked these requirements at the public access a few times during the summer months. The board decided that the association did not have funds to monitor or inspect boats coming and going from this access.


WORM SPRAYING ISSUE: For the past 3 years the association has paid for the spraying for members that indicated they wanted it done to their property and the association collected the money from the property owners after the spraying. This has become a great burden on Sandy G. and our treasurer Paul Larson to collect the monies owed. I encourage those who have not paid for this year’s spraying to do so as soon as possible. In the future the association will no longer arrange nor pay for the spraying up front but the money will be collected and coordinated by the beach captains for each beach. The board will coordinate with the beach captains such that the spraying is all done at the same time.


WALLEYE STOCKING ISSUE: This year was the association’s turn to stock but very little money was donated such that the money will be kept in the account and used for stocking in 2014. Hopefully at that time we will have collected adequate money to provide a larger stocking of walleye. The DNR will stock the fall of 2013.


WEST CENTRAL ONE-STOP AUTO SALVAGE ISSUE: Many property owners have asked me about what is going on with the auto salvage operation issue with respect to both visual pollution and potential pollution of our lake. The board has been in contact with both Ottertail county and the state of Minnesota with regard to both issues. With regard to the visual issue: the county of Ottertail has no laws regarding any requirements for fencing of salvage yards. The state of Minnesota requires fencing if salvage yards are located along state or federal highways but no requirements for county or township roads. As this salvage yard is located on county highway 4 there are no requirements. With regard to the water issue: The board has been in contact with Justin Barrick of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA). He is with the Wastewater & Industrial Stormwater Compliance & Enforcement. This agency has been very slow to respond to several inquiries made by Scott Cole of the LLA. Justin has sent a copy of the requirements that an auto salvage must comply with, but it does not set timetables for compliance to these requirements. One of the main requirements is to obtain a permit from this agency. He personally inspected this facility in late August and requested they apply for a permit, but Justin said they stonewalled him on this issue and he stated that he felt they would not apply for one. He stated that his agency is reluctant to force compliance in a timely manner due to associated costs of doing so. The board will continue to stay in contact with this agency. If individual members would like to contact him his office phone is 218-316-3858 and cell is 218-820-7336. I will contact the Ottertail county Lakeshore Management Department again as this operation is within 1,000 feet of our lake and they should show more concern than they had on our previous contact with them.


To contact me my home phone is 218-342-3136; my cell is 701-306-3298; my email is cwo3940@arvig.net.


Keep in touch and have a good year.


Bill Omdalen, President