2013 Annual Meeting Minutes

Loon Lake Association

Vergas Event Center

Annual Meeting

June 8, 2013


The meeting was preceded by a presentation by Charles Seuntjens from the Pemberton law firm on the topic of Wills and Trusts. The presentation was well received.

The meeting was called to order by President Bill Omdalen at 9:35 AM.

A motion was made and approved to accept the agenda as presented.

  1. The treasurer’s report was given by Paul Larson. The Loon Lake Association’s account balance is $4,235.00.
  2. The secretary’s report was the President’s Fall Newsletter, which was posted on the bulletin board. A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes of the 2012 annual meeting.
  3. WORM SPRAYING: Due to the money collection problems encountered last year and the possible discrepancy of how acreage was calculated, the Loon Lake Association had to pay the difference between the amount collected and the amount owed, which was $300.00. After much discussion it was decided that members who wanted spraying this year should coordinate with their Beach Captain. The Beach Captains were to contact their constituents to determine who wants spraying. The cost this year is $35.00 per acre.
  4. WATER QUALITY: Water quality information for the previous year was posted on the bulletin board. Those interested can access the information via a link on Loon Lake Association’s web site, via Lakefinders on the DNR web site or the Minnesota Waters web site.
  5. LOON LAKE ASSOCIATION’S WEB SITE: The Loon Lake Association’s web site is being updated by David Goeddertz, who is the Association’s new web master. David invited Association members to send him pictures or pertinent information to put on the site. Posting can be sent to David via email at david.goeddertz@gmail.com.
  6. BUOYS: There will be five (5) buoys placed on the lake this week.
  7. ELECTION OF DIRECTORS: The election of two new board members was held. Sandy Gronhovd and Bill Esser were elected to replace Scott Cole and Jim Zelm. Rick Nelson agreed to serve one additional year.
  8. ONE-STOP AUTO SALVAGE: President Bill Omdalen gave an update on the West Central One Stop Auto Salvage. There have been no changes since the last update in the President’s Fall Newsletter.
  9. ZEBRA MUSSELS: President Bill Omdalen gave an update on the zebra mussels. The DNR has placed signs on all of the lake identification signs and Bill will contact them to find out if we can get extra signs to place at the two resorts that have their own boat landings.
  10. SHORELINE RESTORATION: Shoreline restoration continues to be available through the Legacy funds. This is a slow process and if anyone was interested they should contact Bill Omdalen who has the information.
  11. HIGH WATER: Paul Bruhn gave a report on the status of the high water levels on Loon Lake. A new culvert has been installed at Freedom Flyer Road. There continues to be a problem with the outlet drainage of Long Lake. A beaver dam that was restricting outflow from Long Lake has been removed. Furthermore, there is a study planned to look at the outlet from Long Lake. No additional plans or information have been received.


Meeting was adjourned at 10:55 AM.


Jim Zelm, Secretary