Association Information

Information about Loon Lake Association 

The Loon Lake Association was formed to promote and maintain the environmental, economic and recreational protection of Loon Lake and vicinity. The association initiated and continues to fund the following programs for Loon Lake and its surrounding watershed:

  1. The placement and removal of buoys around the lake each spring and fall in order to warn boaters of shallow areas that could affect boating safety.
  2. The placement signs throughout the lake; warning boaters of “no wake” areas in order to protect nearby shoreline, and “notice to anglers” signs to encourage the release of northern pike over 24″ to aid in the control of small northern pike which have over populated the lake.
  3. To screen off the culvert connecting Loon with Lawrence lake, in order to prevent the migration of northern pike into Lawrence lake for the purpose of spawning.
  4. To monitor the quality of lake water monthly from May through September of each year and report this information to the members and the state. In addition a Loon count is determined each year.
  5. To stock the lake on odd numbered years with 1000 walleye fingerlings (5″-7″ long), complimenting the DNRs stocking of the lake with walleye fry on the even years.
  6. Work with lake residents both on the control of the beaver population and measures to eliminate beaver damage to trees.
  7. To work as a member of the Minnesota Lakes Association (MLA) and the Coalition of Lakes Associations (COLA) to stay abreast of information and legislation that will affect the quality of both Loon Lake and the residences surrounding the lake.