BOD June 8, 2013



JUNE 8, 2013


The meeting was called to order by President Bill Omdalen.

MEMBERS PRESENT: Bill Omdalen, Paul Larson, Tom Heng, Bill Esser, David Goeddertz, Sandy Gronhovd.

NEW MEMBERS: Bill welcome the new members to the board. The new members are Sandy Gronhovd and Bill Esser nominated and approved by the Loon Lake Association at their annual meeting on June 8, 2013. Bill also indicated at the annual meeting that Rick Nelson would continue to serve as a member of the Board through 2013.

OFFICERS OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Bill nominated and the Board members approved Tom Heng for Vice President and Dave Goeddertz for Secretary. Bill Omdalen will continue as President and Paul Larson will continue as Treasurer.

WORM SPRAYING: It was decided at the annual meeting that each beach captain would collect monies for worm spraying and arrange with Larson Helicopter in Perham to complete the spraying on their respective beach and to pay Larson Helicopters. Bill will contact each beach captain to inform them of the Association’s decision.

MOTORCYCLE TRACK: It was brought to the Board’s attention that a motorcycle track has been constructed on the west side of Highway 35 immediately south of Tom Heng’s storage facilities. The track is not within the 1,000 foot setback but the concern is the noise pollution created by the motorcycles.

GUN FIRING: Within the same area as the motorcycle track there has been guns fired into a berm causing a concern for injury as a result of bullets richocheting.


Respectfully submitted,

David Goeddertz, Secretary