BOD February 11, 2012

Loon Lake Association

Board of Directors Meeting 2/11/2012


The meeting was called to order by president Bill Omdalen . Members present were Neil Strawhorn, Scott Cole, Rick Nelson, Sandy Gronhovd and Jim Zelm.

High Water:  Neil reported that the permit applications were approve by the DNR and whoever else needed to approve them. At this time the only approval needed is by the Hobart Town Board. In addition to their approval there is still the question of who will pay for the work. Since the initial discussions and cost estimate it has been determined that only two culverts need to be changed. It was suggested that instead of replacing the existing culverts they put in two additional 36” culverts next to the existing ones. It was also mentioned that the estimated cost would go from approximately $18,000 to somewhere around $10,000. This will be relayed to the Hobart Board who has their meeting on 2/14/12.

Worm Spraying: Sandy is working on this and is asking all the beach captains to contact the property owners in their area to determine if they want to participate and to let her know who they are.

Walleye Stocking: It is the lake association’s turn to pay for the stocking and as voted on at the annual meeting we will stock this year.

Annual Meeting: Discussing was held regarding a speaker for the annual meeting. Neil indicated that there was grant money available for shoreline restoration. This needs to be applied for by the individuals and it was suggested that Steve Harvey be contacted to possibly discuss this at our annual meeting. Sandy also volunteered to send out a letter to members indicating how to apply for the restoration grants. It was also suggested that we could have someone give a presentation on invasive species both mussels and plants.

Other Discussions: The DNR has contacted the association and asked if we wanted to contribute $750 which would be used to furnish people for 100 hours of boat inspection. No decision was made.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Zelm