BOD June 13, 2016

Directors present: Bill Omdalen, Myron Gunderson, Steve Eichmiller, Glenn Metzger

Bill Omdalen and Myron Gunderson will contact two resorts on Loon Lake and invite them to join the Loon Lake Association (LLA). They will be brought up-to-date on the efforts to stop the DNR from stocking Muskies in Loon Lake and lakes in the surrounding area.

The Board of Directors will contact each beach captain and request they contact those members/property owners on their respective beach, update them on the muskie stocking situation and encourage them to become active in opposing Muskie stocking in Loon Lake and lakes in the surrounding area.

Tom Heng will contact Torey Sonnenberg who has a local landscaping business with excavation equipment. Tom will get an estimate of the costs to widen and deepen the access to East Loon Lake from the public access located on Sperling Bay. Currently, the LLA does not have the money in its treasury to go forward with this project.