BOD June 3, 2016

Board of Director’s Meeting – June 3, 2016

Board Members Present: Bill Omdalen, Sandy Gronhovd, Tom Heng

Bill provided the board members with an update of the activities ongoing insofar as stocking Muskies in Loon Lake. An update is included in the President’s Fall Newsletter 2016 and will be discussed further at the annual meeting.

Other subjects discussed in preparation for the annual meeting included:

Rock Removal: Removing large rocks that pose a hazard between Sperling Bay and East Loon Lake. The public access to Loon Lake is off Highway 35 and on Sperling Bay.

Website Update: A brief update of the Loon Lake Association’s web site, hosted by Minnesota Waters, will be provided.

Rivers & Lakes Coalition: Continued support for the full-time lobbyist to the Minnesota legislature for the Rivers & Lakes Coalition.