HIgh Water Concerns

Loon Lake Association

Special Board Meeting July 2nd 2011



The meeting was called by Sandy and held at the Loons Nest at 2:00 pm.


Present were Scott Cole, Paul Larson, Jim Zelm and Sandy Gronhovd.  Also present was Paul Bruhn.  Paul Bruhn presented information on the water levels between Long Lake, Sybil Lake and Loon Lake.  Presently Long Lake is just at its historic high water mark and both Sybil and Loon are way above theirs.  This indicates that we are not getting the proper or historical drainage from these two lakes into Long.


Paul has worked with the Sybil Lake association and they proposed that both Loon and Sybil share the expense of having a survey done to determine what is causing the problem of drainage between the lakes.  Huston Engineering was contacted and they indicated they would do the survey for $6000 and that they would be able to do it on July 7, 2011.  If we agree to this we would share the cost with Sybil and we could move ahead with the survey.  If not done on the 7th, their schedule would move the survey out by months.  The board members felt we could not wit that long as we need to determine what is causing the back up of the water.


Motion was made by Scott and seconded by Jim to proceed with the survey by Huston Engineering and share the cost with Sybil Lake Assoc at a cost of $3000 to the Loon Lake Association.  Motion passed to proceed and Paul Bruhn will talk to the Sybil Lake Assoc and Huston Engineering to proceed.


Respectfully submitted,


Jim Zelm