Loon Lake Association History

The History of the Loon Lake Association

Informal discussions about forming a lake association began in 1996 involving a few property owners. In 1997, 25 property owners met at the Loon’s Nest Restaurant in Vergas and decided to move toward forming an association. A committee was appointed to develop governing documents. With assistance from the Minnesota Lakes Association and the leadership of the Sybil Lake Association, by-laws for the Loon Lake Association were developed and submitted to a meeting of property owners in 1998. On June 25, 1999 the by-laws were adopted, the association formed and a board of directors was elected. The members of the first Board of Directors were: Reg Hansen (President), Gene Mansanger (Vice President), Joe Blesi (Secretary), Tim Stepnes (Treasurer), Melvin Rosentreter, Charles Lillibridge, Paul Bruhn and Dave Sorgen.

The Loon Lake Association became a legal entity in the summer of 1999 when the by-laws were registered with the Secretary of the State of Minnesota.