Shoreland Rules

Shoreland Rules Preliminary Draft

The Preliminary Draft for updated shoreland rules is the result of an extensive public participation process that included input from advisory committees, public meetings, forums, and more, over the past year. The proposed state standards incorporate the latest reliable knowledge and are based on the need to protect Minnesota’s water quality.The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is posting the Preliminary Draft at this point in the process to allow for greater public access. Included in the draft are the statewide minimum standards and criteria for Wild and Scenic rivers as they might appear if they were merged with the shoreland rules.In addition to the Preliminary Draft, companion documents are posted below to help explain the draft rule language: (click on the following links)

The Preliminary Draft is a working document that will continue to be refined, in preparation of the Notice of Hearing that is expected to be published this summer.Public comment on the Preliminary Draft is welcome; however, reviewers should be aware that any comments submitted will not be a part of the official rulemaking record. Please note formal comments “on the record” must be submitted during the formal public hearing stage expected later this year. When available, updated drafts will be posted on this Web site as will future announcements pertaining to the rulemaking process. Paper copies of the Final Draft will be available upon request during the formal public hearing phase of the rule project.