2014 Fall

(NOTE: This letter will serve as the minutes from the June 2014 annual meeting and as an update of summer and fall events.)

Glenn Metzger and Jim Schench were elected to replace retiring board members Paul Larson and Rick Nelson. The board thanks these retiring members for their commitment and service over the past years. A special thanks to Paul for the excellent job as our treasurer over the past years. Bill Omdalen was elected to a second term.

PROGRAM: Minnesota DNR Fish Survey of Loon Lake

Jim Wolters, the Minnesota DNR Area Fisheries Supervisor, gave a 30 minute presentation on: 1) the results of the DNR’s fish survey of Loon Lake performed during the summer of 2013; and 2) the possibility of stocking Loon Lake with Muskie fish to reduce the smaller size Northern Pike population in order to increase the Walleye population. Handouts on these two subjects were distributed. A discussion followed with pros and cons of this proposal. No formal action was taken at the meeting or at the board of directors’ meeting following the annual  meeting. The board has learned since that time that the lake in which the DNR was raising the young Muskies has been populated with Zebra mussels. The DNR has not contacted the LLA board since the annual meeting and the board will keep the association members informed on any further contact with the DNR on this subject.


HIGH WATER ISSUE: Neil Strawhorn gave an update on the progress on the installation of the new larger culverts on the outlets of Sybil and Long lakes. At that time the installation was delayed due to the high water levels, but in August both culverts were installed. There is good flow through both culverts which has reduced the levels on both lakes. The LLA board members thank Neil and Paul Bruhn for all their time and effort over the last 3+ years along with members of the Sybil Lake Association.

ZEBRA MUSSEL ISSUE: The Zebra mussel issue was discussed at the meeting reminding members to abide by the regulations set forth by the DNR regarding bringing any boat, pontoon, water vehicle, boat lift, dock or raft that has been in another lake.

WORM SPRAYING ISSUE: Each beach captain shall determine which residents on their beach wish to have their property sprayed. The property owner must have an accurate estimate of their lot size. The worms appear at different times on our lakeshore and the spray is only effective if the worms are hatched out such that each beach captain will have to schedule, collect and pay the sprayer for their own beach.

WALLEYE STOCKING ISSUE: The DNR stocked our lake with Walleye in the fall of 2013. The LLA has set up a Walleye stocking fund in order to stock in the years that the DNR doesn’t stock (every other year). The LLA will match contributions from any resident or resort on Loon Lake.

LLA WEB SITE: The LLA web site has been updated by Dave Goeddertz and anyone who has pictures or other informtion to put on the site should send him the information at david.goeddertz@gmail.com.

To contact me my home phone is 218-342-3136; my cell phone is 701-306-3298; my email is cwo3940@arvig.net.

Keep in touch and have a great year.

Bill Omdalen, President