2015 Fall


(Note: This letter will serve as the minutes from the June 2015 annual meeting as an update of the summer and fall events).

Steve Eichmiller was elected to replace retiring board member Dave Goeddertz. The board thanks Dave for his excellent job as our secretary. Dave will continue to manage the LLA web site.

PROGRAM: An open forum discussion on what improvements the LLA could help fund to improve the quality of life on Loon Lake.

Walleye Stocking

  1. The LLA board adopted a resolution made by the President to donate $2 for every $1 donated by individuals or resorts.
  2. Reports from last winter and this summer indicate that more walleye are being caught than in the recent past.
  3. The LLA would stock in the years the DNR does not stock (every other year).
  4. At present, we have $600 in donations from members and resorts.

Loon Nesting

  1. The subject of building floatable platforms on which loons can build nests to protect themselves from high water and predators during the nesting season. At this time, no action has been taken to accomplish this but hopefully over the next year we can get this project started.

Remove Large Rocks

  1. Remove large rocks located between Sperling Bay, which is where the public access to the lake is located, and East Loon Lake.
  2. Some movement of these rocks has been accomplished by volunteers this summer. This has certainly helped the situation. If more has to be done, heavy equipment, such as a large wench, would be needed. This possibility will be investigated further.

Muskie Stocking of Loon Lake

At the time of the LLA annual meeting in June 2015 the LLA board had not heard anything further about stocking since the 2014 annual meeting. A formal vote was taken at the LLA annual meeting in June and all attendees voted against any stocking of Muskies in Loon Lake.

The LLA board was never informed by the DNR that Loon Lake had been chosen for stocking of Muskies starting in the fall of  2016. I found out by chance from the Vice President of Otter Tail COLA being at a relative’s house at the same time as I was. This was in late July 2015. The DNR had selected three lakes in Otter Tail County as potential lakes for stocking: Loon, Lizzie and Franklin. One of the three lakes was chosen to be stocked. The DNR selected Loon Lake to be stocked first. From that time the LLA board and the President have done the following to prevent this from happening.

  • Notified the DNR of the LLA vote in June 2015.
  • Spoke to Otter Tail COLA board and members.
  • Joined a new organization called Taxpayers for Family Fishing (TFF).
    • The TFF consists of the following lake associations: Pelican, Otter Tail, Lizzie, Franklin and Loon.
    • The LLA board passed a resolution to provide $1,000 in financial support to the TFF in their endeavor to seek legal action against the DNR to prevent the stocking of Muskies in area lakes.
    • The purpose of the TFF is to stop further stocking of Muskies in Pelican Lake and to stop any new stocking of lakes in Otter Tail County.
    • Inform the DNR that Muskies are not native to the Otter Tail and Pelican rivers that drain into the Red River and therefore are an invasive species.
    • Contacted State Senator Ingebrightsen and Representative Nornes to set up a meeting with the commissioner of the DNR and DNR Fisheries representatives in Fergus Falls.
      • A one-hour, closed-door meeting with the DNR representative, including the commissioner with two representatives from each of the three selected lakes and two from the Otter Tail COLA.
      • A representative from each of the three lakes made a 10-minute presentation of why the respective lake associations were opposed to the stocking of each of the three lakes.
      • In a two-hour, open to the public meeting, over 70 members of Muskie, Inc from Minneapolis/St Paul and about 40 members of Muskie, Inc from Fargo attended.
    • Perham City Council and the Perham Chamber of Commerce wrote letters to the DNR commissioner opposing the stocking of Muskies in area lakes.
    • I attended the city council meetings in both Frazee and Vergas and both councils voted to send letters to the DNR opposing Muskie stocking in any area lakes.
    • There will be a meeting, open to the public, at the Lakes Region Area Cooperative power company’s headquarters auditorium in Pelican Rapids on December 8, 2015 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. LREC’s offices are located on the east side of Highway 59 on the south side of Pelican Rapids. At this meeting DNR personnel will be present to take comments and answer questions about Muskie stocking in the three lakes.
    • The DNR has established a web site that is open to the public to take comments on the Muskie stocking issue (www.mdndr.gov/muskie). The LLA board highly recommends that every property owner on Loon Lake who opposed Muskie stocking in “our” lakes make their comments known to the DNR. Also, you may call Jim Wolters, the Otter Tail County Fisheries Supervisor at 218-739-7576 or email him at Jim.wolters@state.mn.us. The DNR has stated that they will use the comments, pro or con, to make their final decision on whether or not to  stock Muskies in Loon Lake.


You can contact me, Bill Omdalen, President LLA


701-306-3298 cell


Keep in touch and have a great holiday season.

Bill Omdalen, President