2010 Spring

2010—Dear Loon Lake Association Member


The Loon Lake Association will hold its annual meeting on Saturday, June 19th at 9:00 AM in the Vergas Community Center.  Last year, at the request of several members, we had a shortened meeting which lasted about one hour.  We will do the same this year. 


1.  The program this year will concern Fish.  The DNR completed their walleye evaluation in 2008 and resumed stocking in 2009.  We will have either a representative from the Otter Tail County Fisheries division OR we will have the information from their findings (it’s hard to nab a Fisheries person alive at this time of year).  From this information, we will need to discuss whether or not the lake association will revive the Walleye Fund and continue to stock on alternate years.  This year, 2010, would be our turn to stock.  If you have an opinion on this, please come to the meeting.


2.  As we did last year, we will have a number of handouts and posters to pass on information.  This enabled us to have a shorter official meeting.  Information will be available on water quality, clarity, etc., information on the status of the DNR’s Dock, Shoreland, and Septic Regulations, and a list of websites for updated information.


3.  Lake Logo.  Lake Lida, among others, has adopted a logo, “A Lake is a Reflection of its Watershed.”  We are considering doing the same, so if you would like to submit a contender for a “Loon Lake Logo,” please submit your entry either at the meeting or by phone, etc.  The Board will choose a winner, who will receive a year’s subscription to LakeHome magazine.  Please, no “Loony” things.



  • We need to review several items in our bylaws
  • A door prize this year is a large (18×24”) aerial color photo of Loon Lake
  • We are doing new Loon Lake Association Directories this year.  If you want to be in it and receive a free copy, you must belong to the association
  • Ottertail County is preparing a comprehensive Shoreland Guide to Lake Stewardship.  This should be out this fall, and will be free to association members and, perhaps, also to non-members



We’ll have coffee and treats, and some good conversation.  See you there!


                                                            Sandy Gronhovd, President







The membership fee for the period from 7-1-10 to 6-30-11 is $20.00, which includes your copy of the Loon Lake Directory with addresses, maps, and data on the lake.  This year you will also receive the Ottertail County Shoreland Guide to Lake Stewardship..





LAKE ADDRESS________________________________________________________


LAKE  PHONE__________________________________________________________


WINTER ADDRESS_____________________________________________________




WINTER  PHONE______________________________________________________


CELL  PHONE____________________  E-MAIL ADDRESS__________________



Are you willing to contribute to the Walleye Fund, should we reinstate it?


Do you have any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, gripes, etc., please let us know—here’s your chance!   Thanks, and I hope to see you at the meeting.