WELCOME to our Web Site. 

Located 5 miles West of Pine City, Pokegama Lake is part of the Snake River watershed.  The Lake is 1,474 acres in size, about 3 miles long and up to 1 mile wide.  It runs North and South, with a shoreline of 10.6 miles.  It has 2 public landings, one on the North end and one on the South. There is also a restaurant/bar on each end.  A boatable channel links the lake to the Snake River which runs through Pine City and East into Cross Lake.

Who are we? 

In 1960, a group of lake residents concerned for the quality of water in Pokegama Lake, organized under the name, Lake Pokegama Sportman’s Club.  That name was later changed to Pokegama Lake Association with a mission “To promote the protection and improvement of Pokegama Lake.”  The close proximity to the Twin Cities, 70 miles via north on I-35, has brought many residents who enjoy the rural area with plenty of summer and winter sports and a short commute.

Our Resources!

In addition to membership dues and charitable gambling, the Association has various fund raisers throughout the year, most notably the Corn Booth at the Pine County Fair.  Manned entirely with volunteers, this group of dedicated and enthusiastic men and women are our most valuable resource.  Not only do they man the corn booth, they also operate the lake’s weed cutters in the Spring of the year, and in 1999 built a barge to help the weed harvesting operation run more efficiently.

What do we do? 

Through funding from dues, contributions, fund raisers, and charitable gambling, the Association supports a number of projects that benefit the surrounding communities and Pokegama Lake.

Projects funded by the PLA fall in one of three categories–environmental, education, or civic/humanitarian.

* Environmental – Lake research, weed harvesting, fish stocking, shoreline restoration, feed lot management watershed project, and water quality testing.                       

* Education – Grants to local schools, Interactive Lake ecology course and Fresh Water Fair for local and surrounding school 5th graders.  Also provide scholarships each summer for an environmental camp.   Participants are selected from essays written by 5th graders of Pine City Elementary School.  In addition, scholarships are given to qualifying high school graduating seniors for continuing education. 

* Civic/Humanitarian – Provide assistance to area fire, police, and youth groups, food shelf, charities, and special needs.