Membership News

by Jo Ann Laumeyer

Another year is flying by and we are now sending out 2018 Membership Applications. We hope to catch our snowbirds and other seasonal residents before they leave for the winter, and to get a jump start on the next exciting year on Lake Pokegama.  Good luck to you ice fisherpersons!
Last year we had a total of 189 households and we would like to increase this membership number to at least 200.  Ask your new neighbors to join our association and enjoy the lake.  I will be placing posters (that will have pockets for application forms) at Vannelli’s, The Floppy Crappie and Brook Park.

This year, there is a new line on the application form regarding the publishing of a PLA Membership phone directory.  Please make sure to mark it “yes” or “no”.  We would also like any input you might have, regarding the pros and cons of a lake directory. Please contact me with your feedback via e-mail at

Thanks for your loyalty in keeping the Pokegama Lake Association running and healthy.  A special thanks to all of our 2017 volunteers and to members who helped with recruitment.  Let’s get the new year started with a boost so we can reach our 200+ household membership goal.