May 16, 2016

                                              RCCCLA Board Meeting

                                        Saturday, May 16 at the Cuyuna City Hall

                                                              9:00 am

 Present: Gordy Lusian, Steve Earhart, John Wojciak, Rick West, Dave Schaefer, Dick Johnson, Jon Wittnebel, Stan Nagorski, Jay Hanson, Rad Royer

  1. No treasurer’s report given
  2. Annual Meeting Grill will be looked at further with the help of Dick Johnson. Gordy will finalize the speaker shortly.
  3. Update on AIS Gordy sent in RCCCLA’s request for hours on Friday and Saturdays for an inspection person at the boat access. These are grant dollars RCCCLA qualifies for to fund someone checking boats at our access. As of yet, we haven’t heard when inspections will begin.
  4. Water quality testing will be taken this year at two sites used by previous sampling and Secchi readings. Cost for the two sites, 5 times this year, will be $420 plus about $100 for volunteer sample training. Jon, Steve, Gordy, John, Steve and Rad will join AW Testing employee shortly to begin process.
  5. Secchi disc will be continued by Jon at same previous 4 lake sites.
  6. . Lake map with current property owners will be obtained from the County Auditor. Jay motioned and Stan seconded to pay County Auditor for updated lake property owners with a probable cost around $30. Passed.
  7. Lake level will receive a new marker on the bridge by the access this year by the DNR and be monitored by Tom Wilham. Rick reported on the lake’s 10 buoy markers condition and placement.  Some need to be updated/repaired and will be ready and installed by Memorial weekend.
  8. RCCCLA web page has been viewed by over 500 individuals during the winter months. Motioned by Stan, seconded by Jon, to look at and change web host if needed for most competitive cost for the same services.  Presently RCCCLA pays $45 per month. Passed.
  9. Board will set dates for next years’ board meetings and the Winter Social so members can mark calendars and help with planning.
  10.  Meeting Adjourned: 10:05 am
  11. Submitted by Rad Royer, RCCCLA secretary