September 12,2015

RCCCLA Board Meetings

September 12, 2015

RCCCLA Board meeting minutes from September 12, 2015, 9:00 am at Cuyuna City Hall

Present: JonWittnebel, Gordy Lusian, Carol Engebrit, Steve Earhart, Ejie & Jay Hanson, Peter Backlin, Dick Johnson, Stan Nagorski, Bob Sandin, Kim Sandstrom, Rad Royer

Approval of annual meeting minutes

Treasurer’s Report – submitted by Kim.   Motioned by Dick, seconded by Gordy to accept – approved

Old Business

Committee reports

  1. Aquatic Invasive Species – Jon & Jay:

Zebra mussel survey for lakes was negative.   RCCCLA has a post in the water at the public landing to inspect and monitor for attachment of zebra mussels. Jon shared preserved sample of mussel.

  1. Boat landing – Gordy:

County paid inspector used 385 hours conducting boat surveys at public landing on Fridays and Saturdays during summer. Those inspected reported surveyor did a good job and was thorough.

  1. Lake Level – Tom:

Gordy will talk to Tom and with Peter to get our water levels reported to the DNR.

  1. Secchi disk – Jon:

Jon has done measurement all summer and will report them to the MN Pollution Control Agency.

  1. Lake map with owners – Jay & Ejie:

Jay & Ejie are continuing to put land owner’s names with property location on lake map.

  1. Water testing – Rad:

Rad has taken 4 samples with one remaining to AW Testing lab for analysis for continued baseline data of lakes. Data will be sent to MPCA. Motioned by Gordy, seconded by Steve to do a winter sample when the lake is stable – Approved.

  1. Buoys – Rick & Gordy:

RCCCLA will continue to work with Roger of Oars and Mines as he volunteers to put our buoys out each year. A special thank you will be sent.

  1. Loon nests – W Rabbit, Dick Johnson & E Rabbit, Rick West:

RCCCLA has 6 nests. Individual members take care of placement and removal. E Rabbit has Rick West and Dick Mann. W Rabbit has Steve, Pete and Dick.

  1. Annual Meeting – picnic/date/place/speaker ?/food:

Ejie will chair with 7/16/16 being the date. Details will be identified next board meeting:

  1. Newsletters/publication date – Ejie

Next newsletter will be sent shortly.

  1. Loon count – Pete & Jan Beck:

They will continue and RCCCLA will put a link on our web page to track the two collared loons from Rabbit Lake, if still viable.

  1. Road side cleanup – Rick:

1st wk of Oct-10 am, 1st wk of May-9 am

Fall cleanup October 3rd at 10 am.

Spring cleanup May 1st at 9 am

  1. Winter social – Ejie:

Date is January 16th at the Bridge Tavern. Motioned by Jay, seconded by Bob to spend up to $75 for door prizes – Approved.

  1. Fish Report – Stan:

Fish survey was conducted late July by DNR on both West & East Rabbit. Reports should be available late winter.

New Business

  1. RCCCLA checking account/ PO Box keys – signature card w/minutes

Motioned by Rad, seconded by Steve to add President’s signature to any RCCCLA check written over $500 – Approved. Kim and Rad will take care of the Unity bank signature card. Kim will check what is in the RCCCLA security box and report back to the board its contents and also inquire about being charged a monthly fee of $10 in RCCCLA’s saving account.

  1. Web page change – Rad:

Motioned by Rad, seconded by Jon to set-up and try another web page through RCCCLA’s membership with MN Lakes for an annual fee of $120 before making any changes from what we are doing now – Approved. RCCCLA’s present web page has a monthly cost of $35.

  1. RCCCLA Bylaws discussion:

A committee of Bob, Rad and Gordy will go through Bylaws and make recommendations for March board meeting.

  1. Board meeting dates:

January 16, 2016 – Winter Social at the Bridge. Meeting before if needed.

April 4, 2016

May 21, 2016

July 16, 2016 – Annual Meeting

  1. Board and RCCCLA liability Insurance:

Motioned by Ejie, seconded by Jay, to continue policy with West Bend at the Christianson Agency at a cost of $844 – Approved.

  1. Yearly RCCCLA budget:

Motioned by Kim, seconded by Gordy that RCCCLA treasurer present a yearly budget – Approved.

Motioned to adjourn by Stan, seconded by Jon – Approved.

Submitted by Rad Royer for Ric Larson