Board of Directors 2005 Meeting Minutes

2005 Annual Meeting Notes

The Sibley Lake Association Annual Meeting on July 16, 2005 was called to order by President, Greg Karr, at 10:45AM at the Sibley Lake Park in Pequot Lakes, Minnesota.  Greg Karr introduced the current board members. Introductions of all members attending  by Greg  Karr going around the tables by which side of the Sibley Lake you live on.

Secretary’s Report: The minutes were provided in writing and sent out before the meeting in the Sibley Steward Newsletter.  No corrections were noted.

Treasurers Report: Mel Granos reported a balance of approximately $15,000.00 in all accounts, interest in R. Johnson Memorial Fund $2.69 and Curly Leaf Fund paid out $16,950.00.

Greg Karr introduced Lisa Seller weed control Profession Lake Mfg. Greg Karr wanted everyone to thank David Lind  for all his work on funding for weed control on Lake Sibley.

Water Quality:  Lisa Seller said Lake Sibley has 60 plus areas, good lake to work on water quality, A & W Research to help with water quality testing for the next year.

Shoreline Development: President Karr said will be a major push for the board member for next year.

Lake Management Plan: Greg Karr said a lake Management Plan is in place for the next five years.  Spray the lake on a year to year basis, early spring take survey to see where to spray, get permission from the DNR.  Received $200.00 from about half the people on the lake, maybe have to look into possible tax on everyone’s property to raise money to spray.  Patrick Selter stressed that Sibley Lake Association should have a plan ready, treat early each year, work with the DNR and members of the Sibley Lake Association to get this curlyleaf pondweed under control.  

Fish Stocking: Tim Bastrup from DNR  talked about fish stocking, DNR stocks 255 lbs walleye every third year in spring.  DNR would like to hear what fish are being caught on Lake Sibley.  The channel between Sibley Lake and Gull Lake needs to stay open as fish lay eggs in the north end of the chain.  Zebra Mussels are a growing problem in Duluth, Mississippi and St. Croix, do not want them on Lake Sibley.  Wash boat  with a high-pressure washer if you think you have Zebra Mussels attached so you do not transport.  

Beaver Update: 54 beaver trapped to keep the creek open on Sibley Lake, this past winter.

Lake Mapping: Bob Becker has work on this project and makes updates on new names of owners of lake property once a year to the map.  Bob has laminated maps available for sale at $10.00 each.  See him after the meeting to buy your map.

Greg Karr wanted to thank Mark Jurchen and Rob LaRose for doing the cooking for the annual meeting.  Paul Meehl for doing the Sibley Lake Web Site Address: also email address

Election of Officers: President Karr presented the slate of name for the board election Cheryl Mills, Jim Borg and Marriane Swanson.  All three were voted on by the members  for the following year.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:00PM followed by door prizes and annual picnic.