Board of Directors 2009 Meeting Minutes



Meeting Minutes: October 2009 

OCTOBER 31, 2009

Members Present:  Dave Lind, Tim Paulus, Mark Jurchen, Bill Triplett,
Mark Jurchen, Bill Triplett, Sean Kaneski, and Jeff Benson.  The meeting was called to order at 8:30AM at Lakes State Bank by President Bill Triplett.

Treasurer’s Report:  There is currently a balance of $10,814.64 in all accounts which includes $2,631.74 in the Weed Control Fund and dedicated funds of $2,384.09 for the Bob Johnson Memorial Pier.  A donation of $685.20 was sent to Crow Wing County as a contribution to the LID.  This included 4 Cass County Property Owners’ contributions of $525.20.  Mark moved and Dave seconded a motion to approve.  Motion carried  (view)

Secretary’s Report:  Mark presented the minutes for approval which had previously been emailed to the board.   Dave moved and Sean seconded a motion to approve.  Motion carried.

Aquatic Funds:   A discussion of what to do with the remaining funds in the weed control resulted in the decision to hold the funds at this time.  Future permits or other projects may require the Associations use of the monies.

Water Quality:  Sean reported that results from the MPCA water quality testing have been posted.  This is the last year for the subsidized testing.  The board discussed alternative sources for the monitoring for next summer.

Lake Improvement District:  Dave reported that a letter went out to Cass County residents about 6 weeks ago and that 4 out of 12 had responded with contributions.  A second mailing will be mailed shortly.  Mark moved and Jeff seconded a motion to forward the monies to the county for the LID.  Motion carried.

Lake Management Plan:  Updates to our current management plan, which is 5 years old, are necessary to continue lake treatment and other projects.  The plan will need revisions and filing with the DNR by the end of 2010.  Dave has contacted the DNR and they are willing to work with him on the process of the revision and filing.

Minnesota WatersMark moved and Sean seconded a motion to renew the membership of $100 with the Minnesota Waters which hosts our website.  Motion carried

Mail Call and Miscellaneous Items:  Jeff reported he had received the Cullen Lake Newsletter and they are also treating their lake for curly leaf.    The buoys have been removed.  Beaver population will be monitored.  A Ski Club for Sibley Lake owners was discussed.  Further partnering with the Pequot Lakes High School for water quality testing was also discussed for next year.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:35AM.  Sean moved and Dave seconded the motion which carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Jurchen, Secretary
Sibley Lake Association

Meeting Minutes:  February 2009



Members Present:  Bill Triplett, Mark Jurchen, Mike Ridgley, Jeff Benson, Kirby Koster.  The meeting was called to order at 8:35AM by President Bill.

Treasurer’s Report:  Mel provided a report in his absence.  We have a total balance in all accounts of $10,356.84 which includes $3,866.05 in the Weed Fund and $2,384.09 in the Bob Johnson Memorial Fund.  Mike made a motion to approve.  Jeff seconded the motion.  Motion carried. (view)

Secretary’s Report:  Mark submitted the previously distributed minutes via email.  Jeff moved and Mike seconded the motion to approve.  Motion carried.

Water Quality/Weed Control:  There was brief discussion of the possible need to do some spot treatment for Curly Leaf this spring.  Patrick will do an inspection at the appropriate time to determine the extent.  We may need to solicit private contributions this spring to complete the task. 

The MPCA water quality testing done last year was a one year treatment.  The board discussed the need for further testing this summer.  The sampling would be done by association volunteers and the testing completed by the same lab.

Lake Improvement District:  Dave was not in attendance for an update on the status of the LID Board or the By Laws.  A status of the LID will be researched and reported to the board.

Water Management Plan/Mission Statement:  The board discussed having Joe and Jeff present the Mission Statement at the Annual Meeting in July and review the Water Management Plan with the general membership.

Minnesota Waters Annual Fund Contribution:  A donation above the membership to Minnesota Waters was discussed.  Kirby moved and Mark seconded a motion to not make a separate contribution this year.  Motion carried.

Newsletter:  Articles need to be submitted by the middle of April for the spring newsletter. 

New Sales Tax:  Mike offered to research and monitor the utilization and dedication of new sales tax funds authorized with the last election’s referendum.

Meeting adjourned at 9:40AM

Mark Jurchen, Secretary