Board of Directors 2011 Meeting Minutes



Meeting Minutes: June 2011
JUNE 18TH, 2011

Members Present:  Bruce Kuehn, Mike Ridgley, Jeff Benson,  Kirby Koster, Mark Jurchen, Dave Lind, Steve Caouette, Mimi Swanson, Sean Kaneski, and John Fontecchio.  The meeting was called to order at 8:35AM by President Kirby.

Treasurer’s Report:  Jeff reported a total in all accounts of $10,762.01.  This includes $1,884.09 in the Bob Johnson Memorial Fund and $3,027.53 in the Weed Control Fund.  Jeff moved and Mark seconded a motion to approve.  Motion carried.

Secretary’s ReportMark moved and Jeff seconded a motion to approve the minutes.  Motion carried.

Water Quality:  Dave reported that 13 acres were treated and the results as well as the status of the curly leaf is not yet known.  He will be sending the $7,285 invoice to the LID for payment. 

Steve reported that the water testing is going well.  The next one is scheduled on June 20th.  SECCI reading is done every week.  The last reading was 9 feet.

Insurance:  Mark reported that the Board of Director’s Errors and Omission coverage had come in and we are still waiting for the general liability. 

Lake Mapping:  Dave reported that the DNR has completed it.  Dan Swanson gave in indication that they may do it again this year.

Membership:  Jeff said that the dues are in the process of coming in.

Summer Lake Tour:  Mark moved and Jeff seconded a motion to pay the $15 registration fee for Mimi if she wished to attend.  Motion carried.

Dock Landing:  Mark will contact the DNR and Mike Loven with the City of Pequot Lakes about moving the dock out further along with repairing the hole at the base of the landing.

Newsletter:  Jeff reported that the Newsletter was mailed and about 40 have come back.  He will work on address corrections. 

Annual Meeting, Picnic, and Boat Parade:  Final preparations were discussed for the annual meeting.  The boat parade will be July 3rd at 7:00PM. Sean will lead the parade and the group will meet at the Island.  Sean and Mike have agreed to serve another term, so the nominations for candidates have been filled.

Island Debris:  It was reported that there is debris on the Island.  Mark will check and report back.

Floating Loon Platform:  Steve will check out the floating loon platform and report back to the Board.

Eagles:  Mimi reported that there were no chicks.  One of the pair died. 

Dave moved and Mike seconded motion to adjourn.  Motion carried and meeting was adjourned at 9:25AM


Mark Jurchen, Secretary

Meeting Minutes: May 2011
MAY 14TH, 2011

Members present:  Jeff Benson, Mark Jurchen, Kirby Koster, Bruce Kuehn, Mike Ridgley, Dave Lind, Tim Paulus, Sean Kaneski, and John Fontecchio.  The meeting was called to order by President Kirby at 8:30AM

Treasurer’s Report:  Jeff reported a total balance of $10,971.45 in all accounts.  That includes $3,027.53 in the weed control fund and $1,884.09 in the Bob Johnson Memorial Fund.  Sean moved to approve and Mike seconded.  Motion carried.

Secretary’s Report:  Mark moved and Jeff seconded a motion to accept the minutes previously emailed.  Motion carried.

Water Quality:  Dave reported that the permit to treat the Curly Leaf is in and the approximate cost this year for 15 acres will be around $8,000 to $9,000.  

Sean and Steve volunteered to continue the monitoring process.  The board discussed continuing the program if the MPCA does not sponsor it.  A motion by Mark and a second by Jeff to appropriate $250 for sampling was made.  Motion carried.

The treatment area is on the map on the web site.

Tim discussed further research on aeration and Mark reviewed communication from Crow Wing County on their watershed efforts.

Lake Improvement District:  Dave indicated that the LID had its meeting to approve the spending for the lake treatment.  If the DNR does not do the lake mapping, consideration will be given to having the LID contract Professional Lake Management to perform the task.

Membership:  Jeff said that the dues statements would go out the 1st or 2nd week of June.

Mail Call:  Jeff indicated that he had read in the Cullen News Letter that the DNR had awarded three years of grants to that Lake Association for Curly Leaf control.  $16,500.

Fishing Pier:  Mark reported that the fishing pier was in excellent condition.  The pier is in its 8th year of service and weathering well.  He will send out an email to the board to solicit volunteers to re-align the pier.

Sibley Apparel:  Motion was made by Dave and seconded by Mike to spend $150 for apparel to be used as raffle prizes at the annual meeting.  Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30AM

Mark Jurchen, Secretary
Sibley Lake Association

Meeting Minutes: April 2011

APRIL 9TH, 2011

Members Present: Steve Caouette, Mark Jurchen, Greg Karr, Dave Lind, Tim Paulus, and Jeff Benson. Secretary Mark Jurchen called the meeting to order at 9:35AM


Treasurer’s Report: Jeff reported a total of $10,971.45 in all accounts including $3,028.65 in the Weed Control Fund and $1,884.09 in the Memorial Fund. Tim moved to approve, Dave seconded the motion and it passed.


Secretary’s Report: Mark submitted the minutes for approval. Jeff moved to approve and Steve seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Water Quality: Dave updated the board on this year’s curly leaf treatment. There will be about 15 acres treated at a cost of $8,300 to $9,000. The efforts will center on hot spots throughout the lake.


Aeration: Tim will continue to research the technical aspects on the option of utilizing aerators for water clarity on Sibley. He will look at possibly having a contractor address

a combined meeting with Sibley’s LID and possibly address the general membership at the annual meeting in July.


County Ordinance Update: Mark reported that the new ordinances had been approved by the Commissioners with some modification to key areas including impervious surfaces.


Lake Improvement District: Dave reported that the LID has approximately $26,000 in its account. He reported they are still discussing the insurance issue. The LID discussed lake mapping which would be undertaken by Patrick Selter with PLM. It would be of greater benefit than updating the Management Plan.


Membership: Jeff reported that we currently have 103 members. The dues statement may be included with the newsletter. A membership drive will also be considered.


Mail Call: Jeff shared that he has been receiving Cullen’s newsletter. They have about 200 members with dues of $25. They also have about $100,000 in their fund.


Shoreline Cleanup: Mark shared Mimi’s concern with debris and dead trees along the shoreline and again urged action. Mark requested also that we each take a section of road area along the lake for clean up of garbage and debris.


Boat License Surcharge: Mark shared that the state legislature is considering a surcharge of $3 to $5 on boat licenses to be used for water quality and invasive species



Newsletter: Articles are due in May for late May or early June publication and distribution.


Annual Meeting: The meeting is to be held on July 16th at Sibley Lake Park. Mark reported that the covered area has been reserved.


Next meeting will be May 14th at 8:30AM


Respectfully submitted,


Mark Jurchen, Secretary
Sibley Lake Association

Meeting Minutes: February 2011


Members Present:  Kirby Koster, Mark Jurchen, Mike Ridgley, Jeff Benson, John Fontecchio, Sean Kaneski, and Tim Paulus.  The meeting was called to order by President Kirby at 9:30AM

Treasurer’s Report:  Jeff reported total balances of $10,981.59, with $3,025.66 in the weed control fund and $1,884.09 in the dedicated Bob Johnson Memorial Pier fund.  He said that 104 members had renewed their membership and given donations in the amount of $2,800.  Mark moved and Mike seconded the motion to approve the report.  Motion carried.

Secretary’s Report:  Mark submitted the minutes which were distributed via email.  Mark moved to approve, Jeff seconded.  Motion carried.

Water Quality:  Professional Lake Management will be spot treating about 15 acres this year to maintain control of the curly leaf pondweed.  The approximate cost will be around $8,300.

Tim reported on his research on utilizing aluminum sulfate to improve water quality.  He shared that his research indicated it is an in-exact science, very expensive, and may only last 2 to 3 years.  Other alternatives include a solar aerator which would not introduce chemicals and has had past success in improving water quality in other lakes.  There will be continued research into cost, possible LID funding, and incorporating this into our lake management plan.  A core sampling of the bottom sediment will be necessary to determine the characteristics of our lake bottom.

County Contributions:  Mark shared the request from Mitch Brink at Crow Wing County to donate funds to the County which would be used for research and water quality projects.  The board decided not to contribute.

County Ordinance:  Mark reported on Crow Wings current project of updating their ordinance in relation to impervious surfaces on lake lots.  It has become a controversial issue as it substantially reduces the amount of impervious surface.  There have been many hearings, and as of these minutes, no approval has been made by the County Commissioners.

Mail Call:  Jeff shared correspondence from the DNR on establishing regulations concerning disposal of fish carcasses on the lake and limiting trailing lines for fishing.

Clean up:  Sean reported that he had cleaned up an area next to his property.  Board members will also survey the lake for debris from the winter fishing.

Meeting adjourned at 10:30AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Jurchen, Secretary
Sibley Lake Association