Board of Directors 2016 Meeting Minutes

July 16, 2016

Board Members Present and Location: Board members present at the annual meeting and picnic included Tim Paulus, Dave Lind, Pete Clement, Jon Fogarty, Mike Ridgley, Steve Caouette, Sean Kaneski, and John Fontecchio. Mark Jurchen was also present as part of the watershed committee. Mark presented a watershed and water quality update that is further discussed below. The meeting and picnic took place at the Sibley Lake Park. The meeting was called to order by President Mike at 10:15AM. Approximate attendance at the picnic was around 50 people. Mike introduced the board members present to start the meeting. As tradition, everyone on the lake association then introduced themselves and where they lived on the lake.

Treasurer’s Report: Jeff was not present since he had to work. In his place, Julie Benson provided the treasurer report. Copies of the report were provided to all the lake association members. The treasurer’s report includes a summary and funding for the savings account, checking account, and lake maintenance (management) fund. There is a total of $33,494.34 in all the accounts. Julie also briefly summarized the various expenses for the board. Some recent expenses included the newsletter mailing, MN T’s, insurance for the board, and picnic supplies. The lake maintenance fund includes money that Cass County members contribute to the LID. Nearly all the Cass County members have contributed. There was also a voluntary contribution to fireworks this year in the amount of $855. The opportunity to contribute to fireworks was included on the new membership form. Julie also discussed some recent burglaries and break-ins around Pequot Lakes. Made a comment to look out for each other and get to know your neighbors. Dave Lind made a motion made to approve the treasurer report and then seconded. Motion passed.

Secretary’s Report: Copies of the minutes were not provided. Tim briefly noted the minutes from last year plus the recent minutes from the spring meetings. Tim noted the meeting minutes are available on the website and can also provide any meeting minutes upon request. Motion made by Dave and seconded by Mike to approve the minutes from the Sibley Lake Association meeting last year. Motion passed.

Watershed and Impaired Lake Discussion: Mark presented and discussed the current status of the Sibley Lake watershed and the on-going water quality testing. Three parts to the lake degradation including septic systems around the lake, Mayo Creek, and the Sibley Park run-off. The septic systems are generally in good shape. Greg Karr noted the City of Pequot will be doing an inspection of septic systems. Sibley Lake has been declared an impaired lake by the MPCA. Just in the last year, another 100 lakes have been declared impaired. Mark noted the lake has risen 34 inches with the recent (July 11) 8.5 inch rainfall event. There has been testing done this spring and throughout the summer on the Mayo Creek watershed to help determine sources of run-off into the creek and then into the lake. Mark had a graph and summarized the results of some of the initial testing. Mark noted the size of the watershed in relation to the lake and some of the large feedlots along the creek. Results clearly show the watershed as the primary contributor to the lake degradation. We get huge loading into the lake from the 4 and 5 inch (and more) rainfall events. With little rainfall in May and June the lake was very clear. Noted a 12 foot Sechi disk reading in June. Mark talked about the recent legislative activities and the new requirement for buffer strips. He will be working with Crow Wing Soil and Water Conservation District, MPCA, and Farm Bureau. Mark noted the reason people live here is because of the clean water.

Sibley Park Erosion Issues: Mike noted the large run-off from the recent rain. There was a huge sediment bloom starting from the fishing pier. Mark then continued to discuss this issue. The topic has shifted away from replacing steps to focusing on erosion into the lake and preventing run-off. Mark talked about the grant for replacing the steps and moving the trail. Various plantings will be done to prevent run-off. This will require in-kind labor. The plan would be to make a more natural trail down to the lake and follow the old road bed. The trail down to the lake would shift north from the current location. The fishing pier would need to be moved. There was overall general agreement on this plan. Again, the grant requires in-kind labor for tree and grass planting to protect against erosion into the lake. Mark thought the work would start in September.

LID Meeting: Dave Lind conducted the LID meeting and provided a summary handout to all lake association members. The LID meeting included a discussion of available funding and election of officers. There was also discussion about the $108.40 property tax for the LID. This was seconded and then approved by the lake association membership. Dave Lind discussed this year’s treatment. PLM completed the curly leaf pond weed treatment in early May. A total of 37 acres was treated and we can treat only 15% of the lake by law. Total cost of treatment was $10,640. Dave reiterated the treatment needs to continue each year. There was lots of discussion about how the areas are selected for treatment. The LID has purchased a locator to help detect weeds. Discussion about who should be determining the treatment locations. Lake mapping survey should be done in September. Dave made a motion to continue to assist Lake Association with water quality testing in the amount of $3000. Motion was seconded and passed. Dave Clausen, Craig Sundlie, Sam Hennies, and Joe Wagner were all re-elected to LID board.

Open Discussion Issues: There was a discussion on no-wake zones on the lake. Slow down out there with the current high water. There were more questions and discussions on weeds on the lake. South end appears to be especially bad. Need to get on the web site where the curly leaf was treated. Show this on the map (may be there already but need to verify). On the web site show what curly leaf looks like compared to other weeds.

Election of Officers: Seven board members were up for re-election this year. This includes Jeff Benson, Kirby Koster, Dave Lind, John Fontecchio, Joe Peterson, Jon Fogarty, and Pete Clement. There were two lake association members also interested in serving on the board. This includes Ryan Schlueter and Maury Graham. With the addition of the two new members that brings the total board members to 14 which is the maximum (Tim to check on bylaws and provide a copy to Mike). There was a motion by Mike to reelect all board members up for re-election and also elect Ryan and Maury (white ballot). This was seconded and then approved by the lake association members.

Meeting adjourned at 11:45AM. Picnic and raffle followed

Respectfully submitted,

Tim Paulus, Secretary
Sibley Lake Association