June 2007

Newsletter June 2007

Boat Parade – Sunday July 1st At 1:30 PM


Sign up at Lost Valley Resort – Ron and Tammy will have sign up sheet for all who want to decorate their boats or pontoons.


The starting point will be Moltzan Bay, in the Southeast corner of Leek lake.  Prizes will be awarded for the 1st and 2nd place winners for both boats and pontoons. 


Annual Meeting


The Annual Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, August 25, 2007 at 9:30 AM at Camp Trowbridge. 


The association will provide ham, coffee, orange juice, plates, cups, napkins, glasses and eating utensils.  We ask that if your last name begins with:


         *A-J  Bring Fruit

         *K-P  Bring Sweet 

                   Rolls or Dessert 

         *Q-Z  Bring Egg Bake


Please come and enjoy the camaraderie and provide input to the association.  Remember this is your association and for it to become effective it needs your input. 


See you August 25 at 9

How to get Trowbridge/Leek Lake Gear


If anyone is interested in ordering T-Shirts, Wind Pullovers, or Hooded Sweatshirts contact Greenspire. They are located at 802 Jenny Ave. Perham, MN 56573, Phone 1-800-699-8337.  They have the logo on file and you can choose your style and size at their Perham location.



Be aware of your wake!!!!!!


Special Note:  All boaters be aware of the wake you produce when approaching other boats and docks.  The wake damages docks—be considerate when approaching docks, the shore and areas marked “No Wake Areas”.  With the water levels very high this year wakes can be more of a problem then normal



 What you should know about docks and other water access structures


Docks and watercraft lifts are commonly used access structures on Minnesota lakes and rivers. If you own waterfront property, a temporary structure that provides access to a lake or river is preferred to a permanent structure. Permanent structures are more likely to sustain ice damage, and a snow-covered structure over the ice poses a hazard to recreational vehicle users.


The blue box to the left lists installation guidelines for docks and access structures like boat lifts. These guidelines are intended to minimize impacts on water resources and shoreline habitat. If you follow these guidelines, no permit is needed from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Local units of government may have additional dock rules related to public safety and other local issues and should be contacted.

A shoreline owner may request a permit to install a dock wider than 8 feet. The permit applicant must show a specific need and show that the wider dock represents the minimal impact solution to that need. Docks serving single-family homes or residential planned unit developments generally will not need a dock wider than 8 feet. Public docks and mooring structures that are otherwise not serving as a marina may need to be a wider structure and will be reviewed individually. Docks that have no permit and that exceed the 8-foot-wide limit are subject to enforcement action, including a citation, an order to remove the dock, and fines for both the landowner and the dock installer.

Design and locate your dock and boat lift to avoid interfering with your neighbor’s use of the water. Docks and boat lifts should be placed so that mooring and maneuvering of watercraft can normally be confined within the property lines if they were extended into the water.




These two docks do not require a permit because neither is more than 8 The configurations above require a permit from the DNR because they are feet wide. wider than 8 feet


Purpose of the dock rules


Intensive shore land development causes deterioration of a lake’s ecosystem. Dock installations and their associated uses are factors in this deterioration. Studies of lakes in the Midwest show that docks and boatlifts may shade out important aquatic plants and eliminate critical habitat where fish spawn, feed, grow, and find shelter from predators. Shoreline views may also suffer when large dock systems are installed. Also, there is a growing concern about the private use of the water surface if docks and associated structures extend too far, cover too much surface area, or span the entire owned frontage. The proliferation of dock configurations and dimensions is a topic of concern to the DNR, lake associations, anglers, lake home owners, and others. Finding the appropriate balance between reasonable access and resource protection requires collaboration by all of those interests and other citizens.

Another issue of concern is any attempt to control access to a lake bed or water surface. Even when land ownership

extends into the lake bed, all who own land abutting the water or gain legal access have the right to use the entire surface of the water. For this reason, a dock configuration should never close off part of the lake to other users.


If the dock is designed and used for access to navigable water depth, a DNR permit will rarely be needed. A dock does not need a permit if it is no more then 8 feet wide, is designed to simply meet the need of reaching navigable depths, and follows the other guidelines on the front of this brochure.

Do I need a permit for my dock?* 


No permit is needed to install, construct, or reconstruct your dock on property you own if you comply with the following:

A dock is a narrow platform or structure extending toward the water from the shoreline. A dock may provide access to moored watercraft or deeper water for swimming, fishing, and other recreation.

The structure, other than a watercraft lift or watercraft canopy, is not more than 8 feet wide and is not combined with other similar structures so as to create a larger structure.

The dock is no longer than needed to achieve its intended use, including reaching navigable water depth.

The structure is not a hazard to navigation, health, or safety.

The structure will allow the free flow of water beneath it.

The structure is not used or intended as a marina.

The structure is consistent with the guidelines of the local unit of government.

Docks placed on rock-filled cribs are located only on waters where the bed is predominantly bedrock


Restrictions on docks and other structures*


You may not place a dock or other structure in public waters if the structure:

•      obstructs navigation or creates a hazard;

is detrimental to fish or wildlife habitat or is placed in a posted fish spawning area;

is intended to be used for human habitation;

includes walls, a roof, or sewage facilities; or

is located on property you do not own or have rights to use. 


This information reprinted with the permission of the Minnesota DNR




The Trowbridge/Leek Lake Association with assistance from the Vergas Lions club and in cooperation with Minnesota DNR recently installed a new dock at the public landing. This will be of great assistance to lake residents in putting their boats in and out of the lake. Just another way your association is working for you and for the good of the lakes.


Also new to the association is a presence on the Web. Our new webpage came alive this past May. To find the site Goggle: Trowbridge/Leek Lake Association or go to:




The site is hosted by Minnesota Waters in which our association is a member. Chuck Myrbach is the Web Master. He can be reached at:




Feel free to contact him with ideas for the site. Also email him picture, article or any other information you would like to see on the site.


Have a safe and fun summer and take care of our lake!








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