June 2008


Newsletter June 2008

Boat Parade – Friday July 4th At 1:30 PM

Sign up at Lost Valley Resort – Ron and Tammy will have sign up sheet for all who want to decorate their boats or pontoons.

The starting point will be Moltzan Bay, in the Southeast corner of Leek lake. Prizes will be awarded for the 1st and 2nd place winners for both boats and pontoons.

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, August 23, 2008 at 9:30 AM at Camp Trowbridge.

The association will provide ham, coffee, orange juice, plates, cups, napkins, glasses and eating utensils. We ask that if your last name begins with:

*A-J Bring Egg Bake

*K-P Bring Fruit

*Q-Z Bring Sweet Rolls

         or Dessert

Please come and enjoy the camaraderie and provide input to the association. Remember this is your association and for it to become effective it needs your input.

See you August 23 at 9:30 AM

If anyone is interested in ordering T-Shirts, Wind Pullovers, or Hooded Sweatshirts contact Greenspire. They are located at 120 E. Main, Perham, MN 56573, Phone 1-800-699-8337. They have the logo on file and you can choose your style and size at their Perham location.


Don’t move firewood —Buy it where you burn it!

• It is against the law (M.S. 89.551 Sec. 2 Subd.3b) to bring unapproved firewood into any state park, state forest or day-use area.

• To find an approved firewood vendor near your destination, check the approved firewood vendor listing A-K or L-Z. The listing is by name of facility. Be sure to keep your receipt to show proof of purchase.

• Firewood can harbor many different kinds of invasive pests that are harmful to Minnesota trees. Firewood restrictions are needed to help prevent the introduction or spread of damaging forest pests including emerald ash borer, gypsy moth, and oak wilt.

A Look Back at Trowbridge/Leek Lake Written by Ralph and Wilma Richter September 1997

Back in the 30′ s Trowbridge/Leek Lake was 12 feet lower. Trees grew up in the bay by Hodnefields which is now called Glawe’s bay, and also the bay on the south side which was called Moltzan Bay. The water came up in the 40′ s. There was tree stumps sticking out of the water in the bays in the 60’s. There also was a telephone pole and line in the middle of the narrows. When the water was low there was very small passage in the narrow for boats. Where the islands are now was part of the west shore line when the water was low.

The land the resort is on was owned back in the 20’s by Herman Bunkowski. He sold it to Ralph Richter in 1956. Going east around the lake the next piece was owned by Emerson Kuhlemeyer, (Earls Father). The next piece is now owned by the Ebersviller Family. Next piece by Arcelia Trowbridge which is now Camp Trowbridge owned by Red River Campfire Girls. North of Camp Trowbridge was owned by Verlin McKenzie. Next to McKenzies going west was the Glawe FanTI which is now owned by Melvin Hodnefield. Trowbridge point was owned by Alex Lockowitzer which was sold to a developer for lots in the early 50’s. The home site was bought by Herb Bruhl and later purchased by Jerry McDonald and Dick Deilke who then sold lots. Where Bob Wilson lives was once called Kirbys point, Kirbys sold to Gib Hillstrom and he sold it to Bob Wilson.

The lake was locally called Trowbridge Lake because a family by that name lived by the lake. They had the land where Camp Trowbridge is now. On most maps it was known as Leek Lake. When we started the resort we added Trowbridge to the name. From the narrows west it is called Leek Lake and east of the narrows Trowbridge. We built Lost Valley Resort in 1961.

On the west side the land was owned by Geo. Trautner. The Southwest piece was called Leek Lake Lodge. The south side by Harry Bradbury which was put into lots of his children and now owned by different people. The next piece was owned by Hank Moltzan and developed into lots in 1956. He also started Birch Shores now Hidden Acres in 1962.

The first cabins on the lake were owned by Pearl Peterson, Jean Riley and the Kirbys on Trowbridge Point. Tischauser and Brownsteins on the northwest side. The lodge was developed in the 50’s and 60’s .

Have a safe and fun summer and take care of our lake!






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