June 2010



Boat Parade –Sunday July 4th At 11 AM 


 Sign up at Lost Valley Resort – Ron and Tammy will have sign up sheet for all who want to decorate their boats or pontoons.  Undecorated boats are welcome.

The starting point will be Moltzan Bay, in the Southeast corner of Leek Lake.  Parade will run counterclockwise.  Prizes will be awarded for the 1st and 2nd place winners for both boats and pontoons


Annual Meeting


Traci Hanson (from DNR and a resident on our lakes) will speak at our annual meeting, June 12, 2010 at 9 AM to 10 AM at Camp Trowbridge. 


The association will provide coffee, orange juice, and rolls.  Come early and join your friends for social interaction. 



-July 4th parade

-Beach captains

-Updates to Lake Directories

-Other issues

-Traci Hanson from the DNR


This is an important meeting for the future of Lakes Trowbridge and Leek.  We look forward to seeing you?



How to get Trowbridge/Leek Lake Geer


If anyone is interested in ordering T-Shirts, Wind Pullovers, or Hooded Sweatshirts contact Greenspire. They are located at 120 E. Main, Perham, MN 56573, Phone 1-800-699-8337.  They have the logo on file and you can choose your style and size at their Perham location.


DNR releases preliminary draft of updated

shoreland rules (May 4, 2009)

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has released a preliminary draft of the updated shoreland rules. This is the next step of a project, which started in January 2008.

The draft is at http://mndnr.gov/waters/shoreland.html.

“We’ve had an open and engaging process, with lots of public input and oversight,” said Kent Lokkesmoe, director of the DNR Division of Waters. “The preliminary draft reflects key resource values, and is adaptable to a variety of local issues and needs, based on development trends.”

The proposed standards include, but are not limited to: better water quality standards achieved by improved rainwater runoff management; increased drainfield setbacks, and higher shoreline buffer standards for new development; greater protections for vulnerable areas (e.g. sensitive lakeshore, trout streams, bluffs); and improved standards for planned unit developments.

Other updated standards include specific resort standards allowing for expansion and improvements while addressing water quality and habitat concerns; higher standards for new development and new lots (e.g. impervious surface, open space, shoreline buffers); advanced subdivision controls, including promotion of conservation subdivisions and other creative developments over conventional (lot and block) subdivisions; and revisions that allow for more options for local government implementation.

The preliminary draft also shows how general elements of the wild and scenic rules may be incorporated into the shoreland standards. 

For more background, see Minding our Shores, written by Mary Hoff for the May-June 2010 Minnesota Conservation Volunteer.


Lake Survey Program


The DNR Section of Fisheries is the lead agency responsible for fisheries management in the State of Minnesota. The primary tool that guides fish management is the lake survey. Lake surveys consist of periodic monitoring of fish populations, water chemistry, and fish habitat. Lake survey data is used to track fish population trends, evaluate the effectiveness of management actions such as stocking, and establish realistic management goals for a given lake. On average, the Section of Fisheries conducts 650 lake surveys each year. Most of the important fishing lakes are surveyed once every 3-5 years. The 11 largest lakes, including Mille Lacs, Superior, and Lake of the Woods, are surveyed annually. Smaller, more remote, or lightly used lakes may only be surveyed once every 10-20 years. Most of the lake survey fieldwork takes place from early June through late August, however, many areas also conduct more specialized sampling beginning right after ice-out and again in the fall prior to freeze-up.


Below is a picture of DNR personnel taking a lake survey on our lakes this past August.





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Please bring or mail this form and your check (made out to Trowbridge/Leek Lake Association) for $20.00 to:


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*** Please fill out membership slip to have an accurate count of membership.


*** Free Ice Cream Cone (single scoop).



Current Board of Directors


       Office                         Name                                    Phone                    E-mail                             


 President                         Mike Jahnke                  218-342-2807    jahnkem@arvig.net

 Vice President                Al Sather                        218-342-2417    AGSather@arvig.net

 Sec.Treas.                      Sue Baker                      218-841-1071    gsbaker@localnet.com           

 Directors:                        Brian Langager              218-342-2600     blangager@atthelakes.com

                                          Chuck Myrbach              218-342-3068     chuckx@means.net