2008 Fall Board

2008 Fall Board Minutes

Trowbridge/Leek Lake Board Meeting-Saturday, September 20, 2008


Members present: Brad Syltie, Mike Jahnke, Al Sather, Brian Langager, Chuck Myrbach, Liz McCann, Sue Baker


Election of Officers


Mike Jahnke was unanimously elected to replace Brad Syltie as President

Al Sather was unanimously elected to be Vice President

Brian Langager was unanimously elected to replace Tammy Richter on the board




A. Suggestions to increase membership

1. People assigned to visit neighbors in designated areas

2. Create membership directory/handbook (possibly sell ads to fund it)


B. Agreed by-laws need updating-Board members to submit improvement ideas


C. Agreed to proceed with plans for June general membership meeting


1. People more enthusiastic early in summer; less busy with company, etc.

2. Decided to downsize refreshments to basic coffee/donuts provided by association to shorten meeting and eliminate obligation to bring food items.

3. Possible association picnic later if someone wants to host/plan it.


D. Scheduled next board meeting for April 25, 2009