2008 Membership

2008 Membership Meeting Minutes




Brad Syltie called the meeting to order (attendance-35) Brad introduced speaker: Steve Henry gave presentation on shoreline preservationOLD BUSINESS


Sue Baker read the minutes of the last meeting & the treasurer’s report


Present checking account balance: $ 766.22


Savings account balance $2368.36


Payments made as follows:

  Minn. Waters dues + website 200.00

  Ottertail COLA dues +monitoring 380.00

  July 4th Boat Parade Prizes 97.94

  Stamps 25.20



  Memberships (22@ $20, 1 @ $30, 1 @ $15)=24 $ 485.00

  Fish Fund 61.00

  Key Chains 6.00

  Keith Noreen made motion to accept minutes and treas. Reports.


Seconded by Fred Misson




Mike Jahnke reported that the water quality was constant.


Joni Proehl made a motion to continue the $200 annual payment to Minn. Waters which includes annual dues + the website. Second: Jack Davis


Brad read a letter he had received from the DNR regarding a structure survey of public waters. They requested volunteers for the survey.


Newsletters: Mail & e-mail (requested e-mail addresses to save money, etc.


Discussed change of meeting date due to board’s inability to meet early enough in the Spring. It was suggested that we try to have the 2009 meeting in June to bring in more members before busy summer months.


Brad made motion to pick June date,; second: Mark Ostlie


Fish report: DNR still putting fish in lake (walleye fingerlings?)


Brad asked for website input from members


Boat Ramp: Bob Johnson suggested the raised curbing in center of parking area be eliminated if possible: difficulty in maneuvering pontoon trailer.


Concerns regarding decreasing memberships:


Suggestions included:


Welcoming pamphlet at Lost Valley Resort for lake new-comers


Al Sather suggested having Beach directors assigned to potential new members to disseminate information, etc.


Members present introduced themselves


Al Sather was unanimously elected to fill Brad’s board position.


Door prizes were awarded


Motion to adjourn made by Keith Noreen; seconded by Fred Misson