2007 Membership

2007 Membership Meeting Minutes




Brad Syltie called the meeting to order




Joni Proehl read minutes of last meeting & gave the treasurer’s report:


Present checking account balance: $1425.60

Savings account balance: $2329.39



Fish Farm $1500.00

DNR dock $ 900.00

Ottertail Cty. Dues $ 240.00

Boat Parade prizes $ 19.60

Frazee Forum Adv. $ 4.35

MN.Waters dues $ 100.00



35 Memberships $ 525.00

Fish Fund $ 57.00

Shirts & Caps sales $ 110.00

Key chains $ 8.00


Question was asked why $900 was spent on dock when $750 was voted on at last years meeting. Brad explained that because DNR required their own dock be purchased that the difference was ok’d by the board. Total cost of $2600 with $1300 paid by DNR, Vergas Lions Club donated $400 which left a balance of $900 for Association to pay. DNR takes care of maintaining the dock & putting it in & out of the lake.


Judy Ellingson made motion to accept Secretary & Treasurer’s reports. Seconded by Duane Fillipi. Motion passed.




Mike Jahnke gave a report on water clarity. The full report can be viewed on the website. Basically no change over the past year.


Brad reported on the new website & thanked Chuck Myrbach for his work in setting this up. Called for everyone to submit photos or other news to Chuck.


Next years newsletter will be sent out via mail to lake resident non-members. Also, reminder bulletin will be delivered to everyone about a week before the annual meeting.


Report on Water Ski Course–Successful without creating extra boat traffic. Reminder–Course is for water skiing only-not tubing or jet skis.


Fred Misson reported that the MN. Basic Boating Course is available on the following website:




It was discussed that the DNR be approached to set up a No Wake Zone in the channel between Leek & Trowbridge Lakes. No wake rules were also discussed.


Chuck Myrbach was unanimously elected to serve on the board


Sue Baker was unanimously elected to serve as Secretary–Treasurer.


DNR requested a donation of $500 for improvements at the fish hatchery. Motion made & seconded to send this amount because they continue to stock walleye in the lakes. Motion passed.


Increase of annual dues to the Association was discussed. Motion by Judy Ellingson to increase the dues to $20.00 was made & seconded by Fred Misson. Approved.


Motion was made & seconded to have the Boat Parade on July 4th no matter what day of the week that falls on. Approved. Also, if less than 4 sign up for the parade it will be cancelled.


Motion was made by Keith Noreen & seconded by Roberta Radcliffe to have the Annual Meeting in the spring. June 7th was available for use of Camp Trowbridge so that date was approved.


Motion to adjourn was made by Duane Fillipi & seconded by Jerry McDonald.