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Lake Water Quality Summary Information

Physical Information

Name: Leek (Trowbridge)
DNR Lake ID number: 56-0532
Location from nearest town: 4 MI NW OF VERGAS
Latitude/Longitude: 46.68/-95.86113889
Ecoregion: NCHF
Basin: RD
Hydrologic Unit Code: 9020103
Surface Area: 609 (acres)
Maximum depth: 76 (feet)
Water Body Type: P


  degrees minutes seconds decimal degrees  X YUTM 281189 5173576

Lake Water Quality Assessment

Monitored or Evaluated: Monitored
Data Quality: Excell
Aquatic Recreation Use Support: FS

Lake Water Quality Data Summary

Total Phosphorus Mean: 17 ppb (parts per billion)
Total Phosphorus Standard Error: 2 ppb
Total Phosphorus # of Observations: 19
Total Phosphorus Minimum: 7 ppb and Maximum: 35 ppb

Chlorophyll-a Mean: 4.6 ppb
Chlorophyll-a Standard Error: 0 ppb
Chlorophyll-a # of Observations: 19
Chlorophyll-a Minimum: 1 ppb and Maximum: 8 ppb

Secchi Disk Mean: 3.9 meters
Secchi Disk Standard Error: 0 meters
Secchi Disk # of Observations: 97
Secchi Disk Minimum: 2 meters and Maximum: 6 meters

Alkalinity Mean: ppm (parts per million)
Alkalinity # of Observations: 0

Color Mean: Platinum-cobalt Units
Color # of Observations: 0

Carlson Trophic Status for Total Phosphorus: 45
Carlson Trophic Status for Chlorophyll-a: 46
Carlson Trophic Status for Secchi Disk: 40
Overall Trophic Status: M
(O=oligotrophic, M=mesotrophic, E=eutrophic, H=hypereutrophic)

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This page was last updated September 22, 2004

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