Solunar Table, The Theory

Solunar Table,The Theory
Posted by ebierzo
12 Marzo 2006

The solunar times in which the alive beings show a greater activity throughout a day, the tables try to show the moments in which the world animal appears more active, and therefore, the possibilities of obtaining good results are increased. All it is based on a theory of John To Knight that surroundings to the year 1926 study the factors solunares that seemed to influence and to control the daily behavior of the fish. The popular wisdom resisted an important fact and is that the tides had always taken to the salt water fishermen to good fishing.
Was the factor of influence of the sun and the moon on the oceans and their relation with the tides the cause? or the water flow produced by the same ones. Definitively on continental waters east flow of waters does not take place like in waters marine and nevertheless the experiences of Knight, If they relate the sun and the moon, and its position with respect to the place with the habits of feeding of the alive beings, while more close it is of these stars at any time given, greater will be the influence. In the case of species like salmónidos (Trout, Salmon …), the this activity more it is marked since some species of insects use the lunar phases to synchronize the emergency of the adults.

In addition to the Rise and the Set (of Sun and Moon), there were other intermediate periods of time of activity that happened between the previous ones. These two but evident periods of activity during I journey of the moon by its Zénit and by their opposite point Major (than we have called MT1 and MT2) and both periods intermediate, but short were called Periods in duration, were called Minor Periods (mt1 and mt2). The Major periods, are the moments at which they meet to all the ideal conditions for the Maxima activity. They are of prolonged duration, getting to last two hours, the scheduled time in the tables is the midpoint of the event, with which the period includes an interval of +/- 1 hour. The Minor periods,: although not as active as the previous ones, yes that will be deferred from the rest of the day and its duration is smaller, not getting to surpass the hour, the interval that we must consider is +/- Half an hour