Spring Newsletter

Upper Hay Lake Association
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Pequot Lakes, Minnesota 56472

Spring Newsletter                                              April 2017

Greetings From Your President!

Last week I was fortunate to be able to spend a few days at Upper Hay Lake with our grandchildren. Mother Nature gave us the gift of the beginning signs of spring. The birds were very noisy on the lake and the loons returned with their majestic sounds. As we sat around the campfire, they were calling back and forth across our beautiful lake. Perhaps you also enjoyed the “bird concert” at your fire, as we saw several bright orange flickers around the lake. The only spectacle missing were the Northern Lights. I talked with a friend who said they have been spotted north of Pequot Lakes. Have you seen them recently? If so, please let us know so we can share the natural light show.

I watched the south shore diligently to determine when the ice was going out on Upper Hay Lake. According to my observations, all of the ice crystals and sheets were officially gone on Sunday April 2nd. From Hay Lake Lodge, we could see the large ice heaves on the northwestern corner of the lake. Unfortunately some of the residents there experienced a lot of soil upheaval and shoreline disruption.

Upper Hay Lake has been granted a total of 450 hours of DNR trained boat landing inspectors for 2017 at our public landing. This is an increase of 50 hours from 2016. They will begin inspecting on the fishing opener and continue through Labor Day. If you have ideas regarding times that you feel are essential for inspection at the landing, be sure to notify one of the board members.

Shoreline restoration will continue to be a priority in 2017. Buffer zones can help prevent shoreline erosion by absorbing wave action. They can also provide a great habitat for a wide variety of wildlife and native plants. Upper Hay Lake residents are eligible to apply for grant funds through WAPOA. WAPOA will have their first shoreline restoration contest open house on Saturday, June 3 at Crosslake Community Center from 1-3:00 PM. The second open house is on Wednesday, June 7 at Moonlite Bay from 5-7:30 PM.   You must submit a professionally designed plan with your application. The contest deadline is June 16. Contact Brian W. Olson, WAPOA Director of Shoreline Restoration at brian@terraincorp.net for more information.

We will be having our annual UHLA meeting at the Jenkins VFW On Saturday May 20. Marv Koep has been invited to speak to our membership about fishing on our lake. Pancakes are at 8AM and the annual meeting will begin promptly at 9AM. As we do every year, we will be electing three board members. The 3-year terms are up for Bruce Ohland, Judy Murphy, and Steve Scarborough. I believe Judy and Bruce will be willing to run for re-election, however, Steve has moved off the lake and will not be eligible. We will need at least one member to step up.

If we have any Techies in the Association, we would like a volunteer to take over as our webmaster. Please call me if you are interested.

In closing, there are many opportunities for members to be involved in improving Upper Hay Lake. Please consider how you can make a difference so that we can continue to enjoy the beauty of our lake. Thank you.

Claire Steen, President

From Your Board of Directors Correspondent

Watercraft Inspections 2016

About 416,187 watercraft inspections were conducted in 2016 by 973 inspectors in Minnesota; the most for any state! They are doing their part to protect our lakes but in the end it is WE, THE BOATERS who bear the greatest responsibility for stopping the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS).

Results of Watercraft Inspections

Inspectors found potentially harmful substances in 2% of incoming inspections; zebra mussels were found 200 times. Some good news is that boaters arrived in compliance with drain plug laws 96% of the time. This shows that attention to regulations is improving greatly. I wish to encourage all who move from lake to lake to remember to change the water in your bait buckets before entering a new lake. This is critical.

Hybridization of Eurasian Watermilfoil

A study done by the Minnehaha Creek Watershed, Montana State University and the University of Minnesota has found that following the herbicide treatment of Eurasian Watermilfoil in Lake Minnetonka, the Eurasian variety and our common Northern Watermilfoil are combining to form a new hybridized variety of Watermilfoil. These new hybridized plants are more resistant to herbicide treatment than the Eurasian variety. Researchers have found several dozen types of hybrids. Needless to say, this is a problem and the scientists are currently trying to develop a new herbicide that will be effective in killing the new variety.

How does this apply to Upper Hay? It should increase our awareness of AIS and encourage us all to watch for any non native plant growth around our property and to report it immediately. Also, we should all be vigilant as we move our watercraft in and out of our lake so that we do not accidentally bring in some unwanted organisms. We have “dodged the bullet” so far but we must not become complacent.

Tree Sale

The following notice appeared in the March 23, 2017 issue of the Environmental Stewardship Newsletter.

WAPOA Offers Discounted Trees to Property Owners in the Whitefish Chain Area

Plant a tree and protect the lakes! You can purchase 12”-18” inch seedlings, consisting of Red Pine, Birch, White Pine, Jack Pine, Red Maple, High Bush Cranberry, Black Chokeberry and Serviceberry for only 25 cents each through WAPOA’s second annual tree sale. WAPOA (Whitefish Area Property Owners Association) is providing trees again at a significant discount in an effort to protect water quality on the Whitefish Chain of Lakes.

We are able to provide the trees at a discounted rate to property owners through WAPOA subsidies and a state of MN cost sharing opportunity. It is well documented that lands with good tree cover protect the lakes by slowing down run-off, allowing the water to soak into the ground and reduce lake pollution from chemicals such as roadway salt and oils. Trees and shrubs also slow down run-off containing soil, plant materials, fertilizers, and pesticides.

The discounted trees are available in limited quantities, 50 per property owner. The only restriction is that the trees are to be planted on lands surrounding or draining into the Whitefish Chain. You can also purchase tree protection cages priced at $12.50 per package of 25 cages. This year we will also have seed mixes of native flowers and grasses for shore land plantings.

Tree orders can be placed now through April 21, 2017 (or while supplies last) by contacting Jeff Laurel at email address jlaurel@tds.net, or by phone at (952) 217-9429.

To order or discuss seed mixes appropriate for your situation, contact Brian Olson at email address brian@terraincorp.net or call (612) 309-1784.

Pick-up trees and seeds at Ideal Town Hall on Friday, May 12th, 1-4PM or at the Crosslake Community Center on Saturday, May 13th, 9AM-1PM. It is recommended that the trees be planted within a few days of pick-up for best growing success.

Forested lands throughout the watershed protect water quality. Therefore, WAPOA plans to sponsor this tree-planting campaign every spring. It is our goal to do everything we can to protect our lakes. We believe that encouraging property owners to plant these trees completes one step of the many needed to ensure our lakes are protected and remain healthy for many generations. Please join us in these efforts by planting trees on your property! For more information about WAPOA, the largest lake association in Minnesota, visit our website at www.wapoa.org.

Spring Membership Meeting

The Annual Membership Meeting will be held May 20, 2017 at the VFW hall in Jenkins as has been the tradition for several years. The complimentary pancakes and sausage will be ready at 8AM and the meeting will begin at 9AM. At the time of this writing, we are still planning to enjoy a presentation by veteran fishing guide Marv Koep. Maybe he can help us find those elusive walleye in Upper Hay. Also on the agenda will be the election of 3 Board members. As always, we would like to see some “new faces” appear and help with the protection and support of our lake. Please attend the meeting and volunteer.

Bruce Ohland, Bd. Member

From Your Treasurer

We had a total of 17 applications for chemical permits this year; 13 to be self-applied and 4 to be applied by PLM. In total that is two less than last year. Twelve were for vegetation and snail control, one for vegetation only, and four were for snail control only. I will let everyone know when the permits are issued by the DNR.

As of this writing we have 43 paid memberships which will be on par with last year (65) as soon as we get the 22 from Hay Lake Lodge. Our 2017 receipts to date are $2,745.00 not counting permit fees. I will have a complete report of our finances available at the Annual Meeting.

Ken Meyer, Treasurer

Environmental Stewardship Today, for Tomorrow