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OUR MISSION:  “To preserve and enhance the ecology of West Battle Lake so that it may be enjoyed by current and future generations”    

Membership Dues: Our annual West Battle Lake Lakeshore Association (WBLLA) dues are only $25. For this you help sponsor needed lake preservation efforts such as the West Battle Lake Aquatic Vegetation Point-Intercept Survey noted below and other efforts towards preserving our amazing West Battle Lake for many lake-loving generations to come!

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From Lake Board President Jerry Horgen

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Battle Lake Labor Day Airshow

The Gathering of Planes September 1, 2018

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Video by Michael Smith

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DNR Tip – Fire Pits 50 Feet from Lake

What Lake Owners Can Do to Aid Lake Water Quality


Great News! WBLLA is Awarded $25,000 in State DNR Grant Money for Improving Ditch 16 (Gizzard Creek) Clitherall Lake to West Battle Lake Stream Feeder

Project Name: Gizzard Creek Fish Habitat Enhancement

WBLLA Project Leader Mike Kloubec

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Fisheries Report Mike Kloubec reported the DNR has/will be stocking WBL annually in 2017-2020 with 2,500,000 walleye fry. The DNR has asked us to not supplement their stocking during this time period to allow them to more accurately assess the results of their stockings.

Mike Kloubec will contact the DNR to see if there is an opportunity for the WBLLA to sponsor one of their walleye rearing ponds.

Return to fry stocking – 2.5M annually for three years, starting this Spring (2017).   2.5M in 2017, 2018, and 2019.  They would then push back the survey to four years, 2020, to see what the three year class contains.  They will also stock in the Spring of 2020, but measure in Summer. 

Why Fry vs Fingerlings? 

The fishery has high tech functions – filtering for zebra mussels, and climate control to keep water temperature at a steady level.  Fry are deemed to provide a more efficient means to stocking.  They want to delay stocking as long as possible, to allow West Battle to warm up.  Fry have 7 days of nutritional supply until they need to find a food source.  They would target several lake locations (temperature control allows them more time to do this).  Fry can last 8-10 hours to transport.   Keeping them away from shore keeps them away from the bluegills and other predators.   Lake temperature is a key indicator.  Fry stay in the upper 1-1.5 feet of the water column.

The stocking would happen in May each year

DNR Stocking Photos from Summer of 2017

Above Two Photos from Past DNR Stocking Event


Lake Survey Image

Click HERE to Review West Battle Lake Aquatic Vegetation Point-Intercept Final Report  (9-22-2017)


On June 26-29th of 2017, 946 locations were observed and sampled for a point intercept survey of aquatic vegetation. Twenty-one (21) different types of native plants were found across the lake.

West Battle Lake (DOW 56-0239-00) is a large 5,565 acre lake located in Otter Tail County near Battle Lake, MN. According to the Department of Natural Resources, West Battle has a maximum depth of 108 feet and contains a littoral area of about 2,496 acres which permits light penetration and allows plant growth. West Battle is classified as a eutrophic lake as measured last in 2016 by mean secchi depth of approximately 12.9 feet throughout the lake. Total phosphorus and chlorophyll-a (values that provide a measure of the amount of algae in the water) are considered low with mean values 11.3 and 3.2 ug/L of West Battle (Table 1).

No Aquatic Invasive Plant Species were found!

Sampling points were also grouped by water depth and separated into 5 depth zones for analysis. Depth zones included less than 3 feet, 4 to 7 feet, 8 to 11 feet, 12 to 15 feet, and over 15 feet

Three submerged species made up the majority of plants sampled in West Battle. Chara (Chara sp.) was sampled at 53.9% of all sites and 59.2% of sites less than 24 feet, Nitella (Nitella.) was sampled at 14.6% of all sites and 16% of sites less than 24 feet, and Greater Bladderwart (Utricularia vulgaris) was sampled at 9.5% of all sites and 10.5% of sites less than 24 feet.

NOTE: Presence of all three of these aquatic plant species are considered a sign of a good healthy lake.



Click HERE to Access Information (August 2017) on DNR AIS Findings in West Battle Lake and Local Area

From Jerry Horgen WBLLA President



Click HERE for DNR Info on Zebra Mussels which are now in West Battle Lake


Adult Zebra Mussel -Please Note Zebra-like Strips on Shell

So what do we do in the meantime? 

We do the following:

When removing boats, docks, lifts and other water related equipment from our lake, carefully inspect everything to make sure there are no aquatic invasive species such as zebra mussels or Eurasian watermilfoil. Look at the posts, wheels, and underwater support bars of docks and lifts, as well as any parts of boats, pontoons, and rafts that may have been submerged in water for an extended period.

If you suspect Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS), please call:  

Mark Ranweiler (DNR) at 218-739-7576 ext 254

WBL Infected Areas

Two Zebra Mussel Locations on West Battle Lake July 27 and 28, 2016 – Three Zebra Mussels Found


Past EVENTS:  Battle Lake 125th Year Celebration July 16 thru July 24, 2016 > Click HERE For Day-to-Day Events


– WCCO Goin’ to the Lake – Summer 2015

Goin to the Lake WCCO

Mike & Natalie Visit Battle Lake (Day 1)

Mike & Natalie Visit Battle Lake (Day 2)

Going To The Lake: Battle Lake Links

Photo Gallery: Goin’ To The Lake In Battle Lake

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Otter Trail Scenic Byway
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Otter Trail Scenic Byway
Granny’s Pantry
Prospect House Museum & Civil War Display
Inspiration Peak
Shore Line Restaurant, Bar And Bowl
1st National Bank Henning, Ottertail And Battle Lake


You can help prevent the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species!

Ø   Volunteer to monitor a access for 2 hours ONE weekend and hand out AIS prevention brochures

Ø   Volunteer to assist with Zebra_Mussel_Monitoring Initiative

Ø  Communicate,  Communicate,  Communicate the risks and impacts of aquatic invasive species

DNR Documentary: Aquatic Invasive Species – Minnesota Waters At Risk (25 minutes)  



Contact Us Thru Email . . .

Email > wbllamn@gmail.com


2017 -2018 WBLLA Board of Directors

  • Jerry Horgen President / Newsletter (Grace Etta) 
  • Steve Kirchner – Treasurer & VP (Ferncliffe) 
  • Michael Smith Webpage / Public Relations (Fair Oaks)
  • John Hofflander – Secretary (Clarissa Haven)
  • Tracy Rendz-Eldridge – Secretary (Ferncliffe) 
  • Mike Kloubec – Fisheries Reports (Clarissa Haven)
  • Jay AndersonSecchi Disk / Water Quality (Beverly) 
  • Michael Rye – (Ferncliffe)
  • Craig Haukebo – (Radahl) 
  • Terry and Mary Stroh (Wenonga)


Click HERE to See Map of Beach Zones Noted in Board Listing


WBLLA Board*********************************************************

2016 – 2017 WBLLA Board of Directors

WBLLA Board Members left to right are:  Jerry Horgen, Tracy Rendz-Eldridge, Craig Haukebo, Mike Kloubec, Jay Anderson, Chuck Reeves, Steve Kirchner, Louise Reeves, Mary Stroh, Michael Rye Werpy and Terry Stroh.

Not Shown John Hofflander and Michael Smith

NOTE: Chuck and Louise Reeves, Wes Evavold and Chad Schaefer all retired off WBLLA Board as of June 2017 Annual Meeting – THANK YOU for your service!

Michael Smith Face Shot

Michael Smith – Webpage Administrator

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