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OUR MISSION:  “To preserve and enhance the ecology of West Battle Lake so that it may be enjoyed by current and future generations”    

Membership Dues: Our annual West Battle Lake Lakeshore Association (WBLLA) dues are only $25. For this you help sponsor needed lake preservation efforts such as the West Battle Lake Aquatic Vegetation Point-Intercept Survey noted below and other efforts towards preserving our amazing West Battle Lake for many lake-loving generations to come!

If you would like to be a member or if you have any questions please contact us at wbllamn@gmail.com

The West Battle Lake Lakeshore Association acknowledges the Minnesota DNR is the controlling agent for the management of Minnesota’s lakes

The Minnesota DNR’s mission statement reads as follows:

The mission of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is to work with citizens to conserve and manage the state’s natural resources, to provide outdoor recreation opportunities, and to provide for commercial uses of natural resources in a way that creates a sustainable quality of life

NOTE: 2020 Annual Meeting Canceled Due to Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic Concerns!

The WBLLA Website Will Bring You Any and All Updates – See Everyone in 2021!

Click HERE to Access an April 26, 2020 Duluth News Tribune Article On Efforts to Slow Aquatic Invasive Species Are Working”


We Need Your Help! – Looking for Volunteer to Do Water Sampling on West Battle Lake

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Battle Lake Youth Contribution to West Battle Lake Cleanup Efforts!

Catch Fish, NOT Garbage

Article & Poster by Maleah Hull      Battle Lake MN H. S. Student

WBLLA Contacts: Chad Schaefer, Jerry Horgen

My name is Maleah Hull and I am a senior at Battle Lake High School. In my Environmental Literature college class we were assigned to find an environmental problem and combat it with action and research to solve or help the problem. For my project I decided to bring awareness to pollution after the ice fishing season. I grew up on the lake and have memories of swimming, skiing, and enjoying the beautiful place I get to call home. However, the last few years I remember the numerous wheel-barrows full of garbage that washed up on the shore of our lake property on West Battle Lake. I realized that this was a problem not just for our ecosystem, but for the people of the community as well. When people are skiing, tubing, or doing any watersport, they could potentially be injured by the trash that has accumulated over time from ice fisherman that did not clean up properly, or people who are reckless with their trash. Due to this, I created a poster (Below) to bring awareness to lake pollution and have been sharing it on social media and posting it in local shops. Along with that, I have been working with local Lake Property Owners Associations and clubs to spread the word further. I want to thank everyone that has helped to bring awareness to keep our lakes beautiful.

AIS Prevention During 2019 Otter Tail County

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Click HERE for 2019 West Battle Lake Water Quality Results




Zebra Mussels’ Best Friend: Wake Board Boats a University of Minnesota Study Finds!

Clint Austin – Minnesota Department of Natural Resources conservation officer Julie Siems uses K-9 officer Brady, a golden retriever Mix, to detect zebra mussels in a boat at the Pike Lake boat landing north of Duluth. (Clint Austin caustin@duluthnews.com)

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Monthly Updates

Is there a DNR Form I need to Have to Transport Watercraft from and AIS Infested Lake such as West Battle Lake?

Yes there is!  Please Click HERE to view, print or download the DNR Form

Click HERE for Helpful Information on the Responsibility of Owners and Their Lake Equipment


From Lake Board President Jerry Horgen

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Battle Lake Labor Day Airshow

The Gathering of Planes August 31, 2019

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72 Aircraft Flew In!

Video and Photos by Michael Smith

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DNR Tip – Fire Pits 50 Feet from Lake

What Lake Owners Can Do to Aid Lake Water Quality

Lake Survey Image

Click HERE to Review West Battle Lake Aquatic Vegetation Point-Intercept Final Report  (9-22-2017)

Summary: On June 26-29th of 2017, 946 locations were observed and sampled for a point intercept survey of aquatic vegetation. Twenty-one (21) different types of native plants were found across the lake.

West Battle Lake (DOW 56-0239-00) is a large 5,565 acre lake located in Otter Tail County near Battle Lake, MN. According to the Department of Natural Resources, West Battle has a maximum depth of 108 feet and contains a littoral area of about 2,496 acres which permits light penetration and allows plant growth. West Battle is classified as a eutrophic lake as measured last in 2016 by mean secchi depth of approximately 12.9 feet throughout the lake. Total phosphorus and chlorophyll-a (values that provide a measure of the amount of algae in the water) are considered low with mean values 11.3 and 3.2 ug/L of West Battle (Table 1).

No Aquatic Invasive Plant Species were found!

Sampling points were also grouped by water depth and separated into 5 depth zones for analysis. Depth zones included less than 3 feet, 4 to 7 feet, 8 to 11 feet, 12 to 15 feet, and over 15 feet

Three submerged species made up the majority of plants sampled in West Battle. Chara (Chara sp.) was sampled at 53.9% of all sites and 59.2% of sites less than 24 feet, Nitella (Nitella.) was sampled at 14.6% of all sites and 16% of sites less than 24 feet, and Greater Bladderwart (Utricularia vulgaris) was sampled at 9.5% of all sites and 10.5% of sites less than 24 feet.

NOTE: Presence of all three of these aquatic plant species are considered a sign of a good healthy lake.

Click HERE to Access Information (August 2017) on DNR AIS Findings in West Battle Lake and Local Area

From Jerry Horgen WBLLA President



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2019 -2020 WBLLA Board of Directors

  • Jerry Horgen  President / Newsletter Updates (Grace Etta) 
  • Tracy Rendz-Eldridge – Vice President (Ferncliffe) 
  • Steve Kirchner – Treasurer (Ferncliffe) 
  • Michael Smith  Website / Public Relations (Fair Oaks)
  • John Hofflander – Secretary (Clarissa Haven)
  • Chad Schaefer – (Grace Etta)
  • Michael and Bonnie Rye-Werpy – (Ferncliffe)
  • Craig Haukebo (Radahl) 
  • Terry and Mary Stroh (Wenonga)
  • Glenn Van Zee – (Sunset Beach)
  • Kyle Johnson – (Stewarts Beach)
  • Rich Condiff – (Radahl)

Click HERE to See Map of Beach Zones Noted in Board Listing

2019 – 2020 WBLLA Board of Directors

WBLLA Board Members left to right are: Jerry Horgen, Mike Rye, (back row) Steve Kirchner, John Hofflander, Kyle Johnson, Chad Schaefer, Rich Condiff, in front, Bonnie Werpy-Rye, Terry Stroh, Mary Stroh and Tracy Rendz-Eldridge

Not Shown: Michael Smith, Craig Haukebo, and Glen Van Zee

Michael Smith Face Shot

Michael Smith – Website Administrator

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