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Zebra Mussels’ Best Friend: Wake Board Boats a University of Minnesota Study Finds!

Clint Austin – Minnesota Department of Natural Resources conservation officer Julie Siems uses K-9 officer Brady, a golden retriever Mix, to detect zebra mussels in a boat at the Pike Lake boat landing north of Duluth. (Clint Austin caustin@duluthnews.com)

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Battle Lake Labor Day Airshow

The Gathering of Planes – September 1, 2018

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DNR Tip – Fire Pits 50 Feet from Lake

What Lake Owners Can Do to Aid Lake Water Quality

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Click HERE to Review West Battle Lake Aquatic Vegetation Point-Intercept Final Report  (9-22-2017)

Summary: On June 26-29th of 2017, 946 locations were observed and sampled for a point intercept survey of aquatic vegetation. Twenty-one (21) different types of native plants were found across the lake.

West Battle Lake (DOW 56-0239-00) is a large 5,565 acre lake located in Otter Tail County near Battle Lake, MN. According to the Department of Natural Resources, West Battle has a maximum depth of 108 feet and contains a littoral area of about 2,496 acres which permits light penetration and allows plant growth. West Battle is classified as a eutrophic lake as measured last in 2016 by mean secchi depth of approximately 12.9 feet throughout the lake. Total phosphorus and chlorophyll-a (values that provide a measure of the amount of algae in the water) are considered low with mean values 11.3 and 3.2 ug/L of West Battle (Table 1).

No Aquatic Invasive Plant Species were found!

Sampling points were also grouped by water depth and separated into 5 depth zones for analysis. Depth zones included less than 3 feet, 4 to 7 feet, 8 to 11 feet, 12 to 15 feet, and over 15 feet

Three submerged species made up the majority of plants sampled in West Battle. Chara (Chara sp.) was sampled at 53.9% of all sites and 59.2% of sites less than 24 feet, Nitella (Nitella.) was sampled at 14.6% of all sites and 16% of sites less than 24 feet, and Greater Bladderwart (Utricularia vulgaris) was sampled at 9.5% of all sites and 10.5% of sites less than 24 feet.

NOTE: Presence of all three of these aquatic plant species are considered a sign of a good healthy lake.

Click HERE to Access Information (August 2017) on DNR AIS Findings in West Battle Lake and Local Area

From Jerry Horgen WBLLA President



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2018 -2019 WBLLA Board of Directors

  • Jerry Horgen  President / Newsletter (Grace Etta) 
  • Steve Kirchner – Treasurer & VP (Ferncliffe) 
  • Michael Smith  Website / Public Relations (Fair Oaks)
  • John Hofflander – Secretary (Clarissa Haven)
  • Tracy Rendz-Eldridge – Secretary (Ferncliffe) 
  • Chad Schaefer – (Grace Etta)
  • Michael and Bonnie Rye-Werpy – (Ferncliffe)
  • Craig Haukebo (Radahl) 
  • Terry and Mary Stroh (Wenonga)
  • Glenn Van Zee – (Sunset Beach)
  • Kyle Johnson – (Stewarts Beach)
  • Rich Condiff – (Radahl)

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2018 – 2019 WBLLA Board of Directors

WBLLA Board Members left to right are: Jerry Horgen, Tracy Rentz Eldridge, Craig Haukebo, Mary Stroh, Terry Stroh, John Hofflander and Bonnie Rye-Werpy

Not Shown Michael Smith, Steve Kirchner, Michael Rye, Chad Schaefer, Rich Condiff, Kyle Johnson, Glenn Van Zee

Michael Smith Face Shot

Michael Smith – Website Administrator

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