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Zebra Mussels’ Best Friend: Wake Board Boats a University of Minnesota Study Finds!

Clint Austin – Minnesota Department of Natural Resources conservation officer Julie Siems uses K-9 officer Brady, a golden retriever Mix, to detect zebra mussels in a boat at the Pike Lake boat landing north of Duluth. (Clint Austin

ST. PAUL — The best way for invasive zebra mussel larvae to get from one Minnesota lake to another is aboard wake board boats, a new study has found

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You can help prevent the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species!

>  Volunteer to monitor a access for two hours ONE weekend and hand out AIS prevention brochures

>  Volunteer to assist with Zebra_Mussel_Monitoring Initiative

> Communicate,  Communicate,  Communicate the risks and impacts of aquatic invasive species

DNR Documentary: Aquatic Invasive Species – Minnesota Waters At Risk (25 minutes)

Click HERE to Access Latest News (August 2017) on DNR AIS Findings in West Battle Lake and Local Area

From Jerry Horgen WBLLA President


WBL Infected Areas

Zebra Mussel - Note Adult Size and Strips on Shell

Zebra Mussel – Note Adult Size and Strips on ShellClick HERE for Complete West Battle Lake Zebra Mussel DNR Report

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Zebra Mussels on Clam

Sample of Zebra Mussels on Clam – Clam was NOT found in West Battle Lake

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Starry Stonewort

Starry Stonewort AIS

Starry Stonewort AIS

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DNR Documentary: Aquatic Invasive Species – Minnesota Waters At Risk (25 minutes)  


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Biology and Control of Aquatic Plants

A Best Management Practices Handbook

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  How Can You Help??

Ø Inspect your boat trailer and boating equipment

Ø Remove plants and animals BEFORE leaving any waterbody

Ø Drain water from all parts of the boat while on land before leaving any waterbody

Ø Empty your bait bucket in the trash, never release bait into the water or onto land

Ø Rinse your boat and equipment with high pressure water,  or hot water (at least 104° F), or dry your boat and equipment for at least 5 days

Ø Report possible new sightings to local state office

Ø Report violations by calling TIP Line 1-800-652-9093

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