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NOTE: 2020 Annual Meeting Was Canceled Due to Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic Concerns!

The WBLLA Website Will Bring You Any and All Updates – See Everyone in 2021!

WBLLA Executive Board Meetings Minutes

Spring and Fall 

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Awards Presented at Annual Meeting for Millie Pearson and Bob Perry

Millie Pearson Millie has been treasurer of the West Battle Lake Lakeshore Association for some 12 to 15 years.  She has served the following presidents of the association.  The late George Zender, Clair Prody, Mike Kotten, John Hofflander to name a few.  It goes back, as far as we know, to 2002/2003 when she turned over the duties to Steve Kirchner.  How did she get the job?  “She raised her hand!”  She thought she was simply going to volunteer to represent her end of the lake…thinking it would be a great way to meet people.  She remembers walking into the first board meeting and the late George Zender said, “Here comes the new Treasurer.” Millie says, “Let me get this straight, the duties of the treasurer are to collect the dues, right?” George said, “That’s all!”  Millie said, “After I collect the money, I go on a shopping spree.  That sounds like fun.”  George Said, “That’s right, you’ve got it.”  Millie never expected to be treasurer for some 15 years.  Actually she never did go on that shopping spree!  All she did was to “raise her hand” and that was it!

Steve Kirchner calls her “The Great Sales Woman.”  Steve says, “I arrived on the lane in 2003 and it was not long that she had me join her for the Lakeshore Association meetings, then about two years later she did the big question…  “Would you take over the Treasure position since you are officially retired from banking and you will understand it better than I (Millie)?”  What was a relative supposed to say to that question, but “Yes.”  She is and was a big promoter of the community, lake and area.  She spends countless hours volunteering to help many causes and I can’t think of any better person to earn this “Certificate of Appreciation” from the lake association.

Bob Perry The Water Sampling Achievement Award is recorded by RMB Labs in Detroit Lakes and run by Moriya Rufer.  COLA supports lake monitoring as an excellent strategy for understanding your lake and protecting it from decline.  It is also helpful for getting association members involved and caring about their lake.  Bob Perry is going on his eighth year of sampling on West Battle Lake.  This data is also used by MPCA and DNR in statewide reports.  Committing the time and money to yearly monitoring will mean that you can catch and document any water quality problems before they get too big and expensive to fix.  If abrupt changes in water quality occur, you’re able to investigate potential causes and respond accordingly.  Second, after 8-10 years of consecutive data, you can statistically determine through the use of trend analysis if the water quality is improving or declining.   Moriya Rufer keeps our association informed of any trend analysis issues.

2020 -2021 WBLLA Board of Directors

    • Tracy Rendz-EldridgePresident (Ferncliffe) 
    • Steve Kirchner – Treasurer (Ferncliffe) 
    • Michael Smith Website / Public Relations (Fair Oaks)
    • John Hofflander – Secretary (Clarissa Haven)
    • Chad Schaefer – (Grace Etta)
    • Michael and Bonnie Rye-Werpy – (Ferncliffe)
    • Craig Haukebo – (Radahl) 
    • Terry and Mary Stroh (Wenonga)
    • Glenn Van Zee – (Sunset Beach)
    • Kyle Johnson – (Stewarts Beach)
    • Rich Condiff – (Radahl)
    • Grace Cory – (Klar-Jo)

On September 28th Jerry Horgen stepped down from being our Lake Board President for many years, transferring the presidency to Tracy Rendz-Eldridge.  We all thank him for his passion and energy he brought to the Lake Board and supporting keeping our lake beautiful.  THANK YOU Jerry and good luck in your new ventures and life in St. Cloud!


Michael Smith – WBLLA Webmaster

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