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2019 Year-End Review: from Jerry Horgen WBLLA President

Greetings Everyone:

What has your board done in 2019?

• Focused on working with the DNR on all issues related to our lake including the Walleye Stocking Project

• Developed a new set of “Bylaws” for the association • Conducted water clarity readings (secchi disc) and lake sampling to ensure the appropriate lake composition for a healthy lake

• Worked with the Battle Lake School District’s kids to “help” with maintaining our lake through “in school” presentations on AIS issues

• Monitored our lake at our east and west public accesses to ensure, as best we can, the prevention of more invasive species through boat inspections

• Monitored “Island Time” to ensure inspections of boats, as best we can

• Worked with the Otter Tail County AIS Task Force on all issues related to our lake

• Attended conferences at the University of Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center to keep abreast of all issues concerning our lake

• Maintained good communications through our web site postings to keep all lake shore owners appraised of our lake’s condition and just what the association is doing

• Responded to concerns of lakeshore owners as they come into our website As reported by Jerry Horgen
Annual Meeting 2020:  June 20 at LACC Starting at 8:00 AM 
“Service to others is the rent we pay for living,”
Marion Wright Edelman

Jerry Horgen WBLLA President

Jerry Horgen


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