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August Update: 8/14/17 from Jerry Horgen WBLLA President

Greetings All:

AIS Update: We are slowly moving toward the end of summer and perhaps you are wondering about the number of reports on Zebra Mussels?  I spoke to Mark Ranweiler, DNR, Invasive Species Specialist and he confirmed “five” (5) new reports of Zebra Mussels in West Battle Lake and they were found near Garland Lane and Girard Beach; bringing the total number of confirmed DNR Zebra Mussel findings to eight (8) in West Battle Lake. Mark Ranweiler further indicated that there is no need to report any more sightings of potential Zebra Mussels – he made the same comments to the President of Otter Tail Lake as well in our AIS meeting at the government center.  Moriya Rufer, Aquatic Ecologist from RMB Labs in Detroit Lakes indicated to me that “in a normal progression of Zebra Mussel growth, it usually takes three to five years to see high numbers of Zebra Mussels in our lake.”  If it takes three to five years to really see growth, it is my hope that we will have a method of addressing Zebra Mussels to attack them / get rid of them.  That is the reason AIS Committee Members are attending a September 13, 2017 AIS Research and Management Showcase at the St. Paul Campus (U of M).  It is put on by the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center to showcase the latest methods of addressing Zebra Mussels and other AIS issues.

Zebra Mussel - Note Adult Size and Strips on Shell

Zebra Mussel – Note Adult Size and Strips on Shell

The Coalition of Lakes Association (COLA) will be sending a bus to Paynesville, MN to see the newest invasive species and that is Starry Stonewort.  You should go to the Otter Tail COLA website noted below to sign up if you are interested in attending.  The bus trip is for the first forty people to sign up and it is on the 14th of SeptemberJohn Kruse (Secretary of COLA) will be handling registrations – free of course.  Starry Stonewort was also reported in another lake in Stearns County on 8/14/17.

Otter Tail County COLA Website: http://ottertailcountycola.org/ 

cola-logoStarry Stonewort

Starry Stonewort

The Executive Board of the West Battle Lake Lakeshore Association will be holding their final meeting of the summer on September 2, 2017 at 8:00am in the Conference Room of the LACC.  All are welcome.  I will have an agenda out to the Executive Board a week before the meeting.

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The “West Battle Lake Aquatic Vegetation, Point-Intercept Survey” is now in a rough draft and we will soon set up a meeting for the presentation by RMB Labs

All my best,

Jerry Horgen WBLLA President

Jerry Horgen

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