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March Update: from Jerry Horgen WBLLA President

Greetings Everyone:

I hope this memo finds you all in good health and good spirits?  Battle Lake is coming alive and ready to “rock and roll” for the summer.  Craig and Reba (Network Battle Lake) achieved a major milestone in their work to secure a building to house a Day Care.  Stella’s is up for sale-but Sarah will operate it until the business is sold to a good owner.  The Boathouse is also up for sale-great food, but never knew when they were open?  Jay is now on the board of the new project on Glendalough that Mr. Malmstrom talked to us about. Tracy is going to be a water craft inspector this summer. Bob Perry, our water sampler, is invited to our next meeting-he does a great deal of work for us that is simply critical. I secured Jim Wolters as our main speaker for June.  Mike K. (Chair/Fish Committee) will introduce him and he will talk about the Walleye Project.  Mike S. keeps our website up to date and that’s appreciated. 

Ice Clean Up:  This was done on 3-18 and pictures will be taken/article to Battle Lake Review. Steve gave me a check to pay the American Legion Baseball Team of Battle Lake in the amount of $500.  This was approved over the internet by your vote.

Muskies:  There are legislative bills in the house and senate to ban Muskie stocking for five years in Otter Tail County. The DNR is, by law, charged with management of our fisheries/lakes.  Our lake will be stocked this year unless blocked by legislation.  I’ve been working with Representative Mary Franson-8B, Representative Bud Nornes-8A and Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen-08 to seek a science based resolution.  My proposal was to have the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Center (MAISC) appoint a committee and come up with a recommendation on Muskies-three independent researchers do the study.  None from the DNR or Muskie Inc.…just a neutral group and resolve the issue.  Mary Franson-8B agreed with my proposal-we’ll see what happens. We need to get away from “beliefs” and have “facts” with a resolution to this issue.

Please note that we are meeting at the Shoreline Restaurant at 8 a.m. on April 14th which is a new location and I hope it works?

All my best,

Jerry Horgen WBLLA President

Jerry Horgen


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