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January 2019 Update: from Jerry Horgen WBLLA President

Greetings Everyone:

Wishing you all good health and much happiness in the New Year.  Battle Lake is busy in the winter anymore.  The restaurants are filling up and bringing many people to town.  The big surprise is “The Boathouse” seems to be busy all through the week and on weekends.  “The Oasis” is closed for the winter.  Soon we’ll have the “3rd Annual Fishing Derby” on February 3, 2019.  The “Mayor” is excellent to work with on clean up…he’s concerned as we are and does a fantastic job to ensure the lake is clean after the event.  When it’s dark in the mornings, the F150’s are out on the lake with their headlights on going to their fish houses.  Some plow out roads to go from one fish house to another…it’s interesting.

New Members:  Welcome to our new board members:

  • Kyle Johnson
  • Chad Schaefer
  • Glenn Van Zee
  • Rich Condiff

These members were selected by a Nominating Committee of three members, under Article VI and approved by our board.  It’s interesting, we first can’t get new members and then all of a sudden we many requests to be board members.

Beach Captain Concept:

I’ve been working with Dave Himmelspach, Science Teacher in Battle Lake Schools on this issue.  I visited his class and talked to his kids about doing the project.  Dave is involved in the “Train the Teachers to Train the Kids” program whereby we teach kids to take ownership of their lakes and “kids teach other kids” about AIS issues. Steve pointed out that our membership numbers could be improved and thus we’re moving forward on this topic to improve membership.

Decontamination Stations:

Wright County Centralized Inspection Program is still going strong and we’re all looking to them for guidance on the development of the inspection program.  Our AIS Committee is looking at the potential of having four stations next year in Otter Tail County.  Crossroads Center may be a possibility, but it may be wise to wait and see what happens in Wright County. Tracy is working on this issue as well.


We’ll discuss these our next meeting (April 13, 2019) and I’ll seek guidance from the board on various issues.  Our April meeting is a closed meeting to discuss internal issues.

Insurance: AMP Insurance Agency:  Steve:

You all should have received an email from Steve on our insurance/we’ll discuss that at our first meeting as well.

Potential Issues for April 13, 2019 @ LACC:

  • Fish Committee Chair/New chair needed
  • Thanks to Mike Kloubec in some fashion
  • Bylaws/issues within that area
  • Beach Captains/issues within that area
  • New board member concerns
  • Annual meeting on June 22, 2019
  • Insurance/Steve/AMP Insurance Agency/Roxy Malmstrom
  • Other issues?

Lake Clean Up:

I am presently in the process of working with the coach of the local baseball team to organize a cleanup of the lake at the end of February.  We have a new coach this year and I meet and review safety concerns and the process of cleaning up our lake.

Potential Speaker for the “Annual Meeting.”  Any suggestions?  We need to secure a speaker soon as it’s always difficult to secure DNR /other lake specialists for June.   Again…suggestions?

Dates of Interests:

  • April 13, 2019 @ 8 a.m. @ LACC
  • June 22, 2019 @ 9 a.m. @ LACC
  • August 31, 2019 @ 8 a.m. @ LACC

All my best,

Jerry Horgen WBLLA President

Jerry Horgen


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