West Battle Lake Water Quality Results

2017 West Battle Lake Water Quality Results WBLLA Sponsored


West Battle Lake Continues to be One of the Clearest and Cleanest Lakes in the State of Minnesota!

 Average of 17.5 Feet Clarity on West Battle Lake!

Three Readings Ranged from 17 Feet 2 Inches (East End)

To 17 Feet 10 Inches (West End)


Readings Taken by Jay Anderson – WBLLA Board Past Member

Jay Anderson Face Shot

Secchi Disk Reading Image 2

                          Secchi Disk Visability Measured in Feet

Secchi disk: The secchi disk is a measure of water clarity. The standard secchi disk is a 8 inch diameter metal plate that is painted with an alternating white and black color pattern. The disk is lowered into the water until it disappears from view. The depth at which the disk can no longer be seen is the secchi depth that is recorded. Secchi disk readings can vary by season with the clearest water generally occurring in the spring, shortly after ice-out. Measurements are usually taken in the summer at the same time the fish sampling is occurring.

In general, the water looks very good.  We get algae bloom that progresses as the summer heats up the water.  Imagine 200 years ago there were very few inhabitants on the shores of our lake so it is very important that we encourage everyone to minimize anything that could drain into our lake, for example the remains of fires burned too close to the lake, anything that could impact our water quality.

DNR Tip – Fire Pits 50 Feet from Lake

What Lake Owners Can Do to Aid Lake Water Quality

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