2016 Whitefish Invasive Plant Survey

EDITORS NOTE October 2016:  Good News!   No new invasive plants were found in an inspection of 29 lake locations done in  July and  September 2016.   23 of the inspections were on the Whitefish Chain, usually around high risk areas like boat accesses.  No Eurasian watermilfoil was found. No starry stonewort was found  …. LINK HERE

WAPOA pays for Professional Lake Management to do the inspections annually in July and again in September—the time most likely to find Eurasian watermilfoil and starry stonewort.


What should we do if we find a new invasive plant in our lake?

WAPOA feels the best chance of eliminating or controlling an invader is by immediately taking action when it is still limited to a small area.

Eurasian watermilfoil

EURASIAN WATERMILFOIL photo: Robert L Johnson, Cornell/Invasives.org


Eurasian watermilfoil

photo: Graves Lovell/invasives.org

To get early detection,  WAPOA, in cooperation with several lake associations, pays for plant professionals to search for invasive plants in about 30 lakes in our area.

For those who want to “drill down” to see the 2016 data, click on the link below!

This is a link to the Professional Lake Management report on their extensive July/September survey of the Whitefish Chain looking for invasive plants.

They also surveyed other participating area lakes and found only curly leaf pondweed and purple loosestrife.