9th Annual WAPOA Shoreland Restoration Contest

This year one can attend a 9th Annual Shoreland Restoration Contest Open House on either a Wednesday or a Saturday. That gives those who cannot attend during the week on Wednesday a chance to attend on a Saturday.

Both Open House sessions will inform potential lakeshore contestants about the contest, and answer shoreland restoration questions.  Either one will give useful information to those who choose to continue to the judging night several days later.

1st Open House – Saturday, June 3rd at Crosslake Community Center, 1:00 to 3:30 pm (Closing is 4:00 pm). The purpose of having an open house on Saturday is to try to capture an interest in our contest from our younger, vacation home weekend population.  Representatives from WAPOA and CW SWCD will be there with handouts and answer questions relating to the contest, water quality and shoreland restoration issues.  I will have handouts about shoreland restoration from MN DNR, U of MN extension, MPCA, etc. It is my wish to have this open house to be more about all water quality issues, not just our contest.  Let’s accomplish many goals at this open house.

Beth Hippert (CW SWCD)    WAPOA:    Tom Watson   Jeff Laurel   Joe Brodil   Brian W. Olson

2nd Open House – Wednesday, June 7th at Moonlite Bay, 5:00 to 7:30 pm. Experts from MN DNR, Crow Wing SWCD, local landscape contractors and WAPOA will be there with handouts and answer questions relating to the contest.  Appetizers will be provided.
Darren Mayers (CW SWCD)       Heather Baird (MN DNR)    Bonnie Hiniker (Sunshine Gardens)
Tom Watson – WAPOA President                                                                                                WAPOA:     Jim Brandt           Jessica Eide           Brian W. Olson                                                     WAPOA:    Jeff Laurel (supportive and to answer questions about natural resources)

The contest deadline is June 16, 2017.