Regular Meetings at Ideal Town Hall
2:30 p.m.

Jan. 5        Executive Committee Meeting

Jan. 16      Regular Board Meeting

Feb.-Mar. No Meetings

April 6       Executive Committee Meeting

April 26     Regular Board Meeting

April 28     4th Annual AIS Roundtable

May 4        Executive Committee Meeting

May 7        Water Testing 2018 Volunteer Orientation

May 24      Regular Board Meeting

June 1        Executive Committee Meeting

June 6 .      Shoreland Restoration Award Program Open House

June 9       Annual Meeting

June 16    Antique/Classic Boat Show

June 28     Regular Board Meeting

July 6         Executive Committee Meeting

July 7        Grandpa’s Run for the Walleye — REGISTRATION LINK HERE

July 26       Regular Board Meeting

Aug. 3       Executive Committee Meeting

Aug. 23     Regular Board Meeting

Aug. 25     Harvest Dinner at Sun Up Ranch

Sept. 7      Executive Committee Meeting

Sept. 20    Regular Board Meeting/Recognition Dinner

Oct. 5        Executive Committee Meeting

Oct. 25     Regular Board Meeting

Nov. 2      Executive Committee Meeting

Nov. 15    Annual Planning Meeting

Dec. 7      Executive Committee Budget Meeting



2018 Run for the Walleye is July 7, 2018  — Registration is not open yet