Board of Directors

WAPOA —- Whitefish Area Property Owners Association

  November 2017 Annual Planning and Board Meeting

Jess Eide DSC_0823

Board Member Jessica Eide

Every November WAPOA has an all-day planning meeting. We systematically examine each of our programs.

New goals are set. Budgets are planned.The direction is set for the next year.The goal remains the same: to protect and improve our water


WAPOA Board of Directors 2017 – 2018

Tom Watson    President    218-543-6064     612-751-0124

Tony Coffey    Vice-President  + Outreach Director   612-599-3355 

Pat Loban   Secretary    218-543-4020

Gary Olson    Treasurer    218-692-3021

Brian Olson   Shoreland Restoration    612-309-1784

Pamela Vaughan    Publicity    651-253-0004

Fred Strohmeier       Water Quality     218-763-3176

Jeff Laurel     Natural Resources    218-543-4498

Jessica Eide     Business Liaison    612-309-0386

 Joe Brodil    Aquatic Invasive Species     651-895-2734

 Dave Topinka    Membership   218-568-4356

vacant Newsletter/Communication

vacant Special Events

vacant Land Use



Jim Brandt– Shoreline Restoration

Marv Erdman — AIS

David Fischer– Endowment/Run for the Walleye

Pat Hecker–Communication/Special Events

Sandy Melberg–Database

Ron Meyer–Pine River Watershed Alliance/Endowment

Ken Neihart– Outreach/AIS

MJ Schneider–Special Events

Ann Schrupp–Newsletter/Communication

Alan Sherburne –AIS/Communication

 Judy Wallschlaeger–Run for the Walleye/Endowment/PRWA

Trustees – Land & Water Preservation Trust Advisory Committee

(WAPOA Trustees 3 year terms)

David Fischer — Board Officer

Tom Watson

Pam Vaughan


 Deputies and Consultants

Kay Rezanka–Water Quality

Corrine Hodapp–USACOE Cross Reservoir

Eleanor Burkett–U of Minnesota Environmental Specialist, REE Water Quality

Marc Bacigalupi–Brainerd Area Fisheries Supervisor, MN DNR

Tim Plude — Brainerd MN DNR, Aquatic Invasive Species

Richard Rezanka — Grand Rapids MN DNR, Aquatic Invasive Species

Heather Baird–DNR

Melissa Barrick CW SWCD

Beth Hippert–CW SWCD



Jim Brandt

Marv Erdman

Ken Neihart

Tom Watson



 Senator (10) Carrie Ruud

 House Representative  (10A) Josh Heintzeman

House Representative (10B) Dale Lueck

County Commissioner Doug Houge

County Commissioner Paul Thiede   

Crosslake Mayor Steve Roe

Fifty Lakes Mayor Tim Anick

Manhattan Beach Mayor Paul Allen

Ideal Township Supervisor and Board Chair William Wortham

Timothy Township Supervisor and Board Chair James Anderson

Jenkins Township Supervisor and Board Chair Mike Dubay




Past Presidents
Richard Schalow 1970-1973 Roger Schwieters 1973-1974 Jack Gentry 1974-1976 Robert Uppgaard 1976-1977 Merrill Stodghill 1977-1979 Ralph Bachman 1979-1980 Edward Brehml 1980-1982 Dene Carney 1982-1986 Gerry Boe 1986-1991 Bill Beck 1992-1993 MJ Schneider 1994-1996 Jack Wallschlaeger 1996-1998 John Pierron 1998-2000 Ron DeLaHunt 2000-2003 John Larsen 2003-2005 John Forney 2005-2007 Judy Wallschlaeger 2007-2010Dave Fischer 2010-2013


  Whitefish Area Property Owners Association        P.O. Box 342       Crosslake, MN 56442