AIS Decontamination Station locations


Statewide DNR mobile decontamination stations  CLICK HERE        This link goes to an interactive map that allows you to search by date  for decontamination sites operated by the MN DNR. Gives location, hours of operation, and inspector information.  

CROW WING COUNTY Crosslake decontamination station

Map to Crosslake location   SERVICES FREE

  1. NORTH CENTRAL CWC: Crow Wing County’s Decontamination Unit in Crosslake, MN.
  2. Location: Crosslake Joint Highway Maintenance Facility, 13870 Whipple Drive, Crosslake, MN (off of County Road #3).
  3. Availability: Fully staffed: Friday thru Monday, 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Decontamination information:   218-824-1142

Crow Wing County decontamination hotline: 218-824-1055





EMILY —-RUTH LAKE   Friday-Sunday  8 AM – 6 PM      Monday thru Thursday: on-call


OUTING—-CROOKED LAKE TOWNSHIP  At Outing cannister station,  Hwy. 6 + Woods Bay Dr.             Friday- Sunday:  8 AM – 6PM



Below 2015 photo of Crow Wing County decontamination station on south side of City of Crosslake.

The services are free.

It is staffed by County personnel trained by the DNR.

It is located on Highway 3, on the south side of Crosslake, about 0.5 miles south of the bridge crossing the Pine River.  It is on County property

Crow Wing County decontamination station now open. Photo courtesy Crow Wing County

Crow Wing County decontamination station
Photo courtesy Crow Wing County