Grants Received

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Each of your contribution dollars is multiplied many times by the grants that WAPOA works hard for.

WAPOA has the know-how and expertise to do complicated conservation projects.  Putting a project together involves many steps:  Recognizing the problem, figuring out what to do, getting partners to help, getting agency approvals, permits, raising funds, rallying volunteer and Conservation Corps workers, filing reports, accounting for funds spent and hours of volunteer labor raised, and more.

WAPOA’s proven track record is reassuring to those giving grants.

Some projects take several years to complete. WAPOA’s stability allows it to take the long view.

Most projects have something to do with improving water quality.

Your funds help to get the process started! Through our ability to get grants your dollars are multiplied many times to sums that are used in the most careful way to obtain powerful results.