May 2019, AIS Experts from University of MN Talk at WAPOA Meeting

WAPOA was privileged to have invasive species researchers from the University of Minnesota as speakers at our first educational seminar for the 2019 season.

Despite the early May date, there was an overflow crowd and more chairs had to be set up around the edges as the event progressed.

These researchers are among the 40 scientists at the University of Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Research Center in St. Paul who are working on practical solutions to modify or stop the advance of invasive species.  We have already seen dramatic changes in some of our lakes from invasive plants and invasive animals.

Far left, Tom Watson, WAPOA, then L-R, scientists Adam Doll, Wesley Glisson, and Dr. Nick Phelps, Director of the University of Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Research Center. Dr Phelps is answering a question from a member of the audience.

Researcher Wesley Glisson informing the audience about starry stonewort, an aggressive algae, that has now spread to 13 Minnesota lakes. He is working on it in his laboratory at the University of Minnesota, looking for a weakness that could be used to control it.

Researcher Adam Doll describes his work to limit spread of invasive species by decreasing the amount of residual water in boats after they are supposedly “drained.” He also is measuring the length of time invasive species can survive in retained boat water.